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One of the main twists that separate Nex Machina from the typical top-down shooter is that as you progress through a level you’ll accumulate a set of power-ups that can come in any order. These include increasing your weapon spread, granting you a single-hit shield (normally you die from taking a single hit), and upgrading your dash from a speedy escape tool to an attack that deals explosive damage. Getting fully powered up is fun and rewarding, but it lacks variety since a fully powered-up character always has the same set of abilities in each of the five levels.

In one sense, treasury has never been more strategic. Given current levels of volatility and uncertainty, its protection of the business against them, and its help in exploiting them, is business critical. Digitalisation requires the re-engineering of every system and process in the business: treasury is a key partner in this transformation.

Various MachinaVarious MachinaVarious MachinaVarious Machina

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