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I do follow most of the subjects that this programs episodes entail. But when it comes to the basis of his believe of the Knights Templar leads more towards the scandal of convincing the uninformed or to bolster his believe in the belief of the lie of the linage of Jesus and Mary and his off springs, the secret of Roman Catholicism. Jesus did have a long linage of births of children that are spiritual births not physical. Thus taking away of Jrsus's perfection and His vow of marriage to an earthly lady who I believe He loved but knew His mission. This thought of degrading Jesus came from a group called the Gnostics and their books who did not pass the test to be included in the 66 books of the bible. I won't go into all the test but a few were: if they who wrote their book was necessary to have been true and not contrary to what was already written. The writer needed to live in that generation and been in Jesus's presence or those who walked close to Jesus. Gnosticism was known as a mystic form of Christianity. Mysticism is known on the Bible as being wrong and rooted in Satanic ritual. It's like naming mankind as God and we become men who became Gods. Paganism, AntiChristian. The relics of Jesus that Gnosticism lifts up is not Bible!!! There is nothing Magical about Gods relics. The Ark of The Covenant was a Throne of God! On earth but God is not on the earth. He's God over and above. When He led the Jews in the wilderness and in the Temple, in Spirit would consume the sacrifice of the Passover Lamb. Jesus became that lamb. But this throne was not set up on! But was a show of power to Judge. Mankind was to be judged but by Christ being that Passover lamb took Gods penalty and He made away for mankind to rectify sin and make it to heaven! Jesus will someday on earth sit on this throne but not today. But through Gnosticism we see the TRUTH perverted with intellect??? The church in history today is recognized as Roman Catholicism. But in history this is not factual. At the council of Nicea Constatine took Roman Mysticism and married it with Christianity. Paganism! There was a true church but it ran from persecution. Throughout Paganism from Babylon, Egyptian, Greek to Roman Mythology was this counter religion but Constatine blends the two together and today we celebrate holidays of Easter and Christmad! This is where the artifacts were given mystic powers! We find a Religion that martyred many True Christians. The pagan religions of the great empires prior to Constatine who copied their religion of 3 gods not of one God! The thre were that of the man, mother, and child. Easily mirroring Gnosticism! But any Jew can tell you that There is One God! Most Christians believe in one god! But it seems even though Bible believing churches, such as most Evangelicals, Pentecostals and Apostolics represent the majority of Christianity by their life as moral, ethical, bible believing with a dedication of living their life with a relationship! This is contrary to the ritualistic churches that are labeled by all secular powered as the Church? But it's not!!! Many who wear this title don't experience any relationship but call out their label that I'm a .......!!!! But those who are Christian are far more! The knights Templar you are right about the symbolism in America, their relationship with masons but also the Knights of Columbus and the Jesuits. The lady liberty, the rise of the new World Order! There was an element of some true believers in the Catholic Church but it's powers that control are similar to the Saducees of the Hebrews of Jesus Day. Secular politicians who used religion to bring about and to lift their own position. Those knights were raiders of the riches of Jerusalem and the Jewish people. They took this stolen wealth and became the banking system of Europe. These banks that later became the central banks of Europe and today our Federal Reserve. They had nobles, royalty killed that did not follow their lead. They lenses money to nations that because of inability to payback this debt these Knights Templar held and controlled national policy much as America is under attack today by those power elite and their control over money! The Love of money is the root of all evil. Those who love it not just because of what it buys but of what power over others that it has to control. It's funny all the effort and time and money too that's placed into finding out about things that have a different story that was not truth. But the Bible is "Truth" and Jesus said He is the Truth. Yet why go all around this subject but never ever notice the elephant of truth in the room. People go out of their way to disprove the Bible, Jesus and true Christianity but if you want the Truth you don't need to look any further to the center of the room and this very large answer that's been their for years! All the answers of all stories but to circumvent truth and accept sime of these far fetched lies to make their point and to make God w

Aztec Camera Pillar To PostAztec Camera Pillar To PostAztec Camera Pillar To PostAztec Camera Pillar To Post

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