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✅  A monthly 3-hour facilitated Mastermind call with an exclusive and intimate group of other highly successful and carefully chosen leaders.
✅   Learning based on the latest in leadership and performance research .
✅  A monthly 45-minute Touchpoint strategy session  with your  BB   Mastermind Facilitator .
✅  1-1 structured conversations with peers from your Mastermind group.
✅   Spontaneous information-sharing and problem-solving in your exclusive online Mastermind Community .

Dr. Hisham is a lover of wisdom and a multicultural connector who is passionate about Humanity and Service in Excellence. He is recognized as a global influencer and leader within Generation XY professionals, through the art of Conscious Deliberate Mass Evolution and Unity through Diversity.

Dr Mastermind Dr MastermindDr Mastermind Dr MastermindDr Mastermind Dr MastermindDr Mastermind Dr Mastermind


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