Spoonie gee new love rap

Spoonie Gee began practicing rapping with his uncle and soon released “Spoonin' Rap” in 1979. The flow and the lyrics were incredibly far ahead of his time, Spoonie Gee is considered one of the founding fathers of gangster rap because of this song.

His first recording came about after Peter Brown visited Robinson's record store and mentioned that he was looking to make a rap record. Spoonie's name was suggested, and he recorded "Spoonin' Rap", which was released on Brown's Sound Of New York, USA imprint, featuring a lyric that included jailhouse references that would later become common in Gangsta rap, and with echo applied to vocals in a similar way to many Jamaican deejay records. Spoonie Gee has been described as "the original gangster rapper".

Spoonie Gee New Love RapSpoonie Gee New Love RapSpoonie Gee New Love RapSpoonie Gee New Love Rap


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