Oh cristal la luna martinica

There’s a lot of exposition in this episode, but it’s handled very well. Rather than merely rehashing what the audience already knows, the characters are being brought up to speed and connections are being drawn between all the facts we’ve been given so far in order to form a fuller picture of what exactly is going on and why. We get some backstory on the Black Moon Family and Nemesis, which is tied directly into the mythology of Crystal Tokyo itself. They, as it turns out, were dissidents who rejected the vastly extended life spans bestowed upon humanity by the Silver Crystal. They considered it to be a violation of natural law. I always liked the idea that the Black Moon had their own morality from which they operated; they’re terrorists, no question, but adherents to their own ideology. Even if they’ve grown extreme and violent, clearly needing to be stopped, they have a legitimate motive and point of view from which their extreme methods spring. It makes them much more interesting than just another bunch of baddies who want to overthrow the monarchy and take charge just because.

Oh Cristal La Luna MartinicaOh Cristal La Luna MartinicaOh Cristal La Luna MartinicaOh Cristal La Luna Martinica


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