Alex oloughlin and michelle borth dating

Are Michelle Borth and Alex O'Loughlin Involved In Real Life? | Alex O'Loughlin Online

alex oloughlin and michelle borth dating

Michelle Borth is set to make her triumphant return to Hawaii Five-0 in the April run date. 09/20/ Status. In Season. Cast. Alex O'Loughlin. Is Alex dating Michelle Borth? In short, no. Alex is currently dating Amber Clayton (below) a fellow Aussie that he met while filming Three Rivers where she too. “Olelo Pa'a” — When McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Catherine cross into North Korea to retrieve the remains of his fallen friend, he recounts his last deadly.

You create the world in every detail. Why did now feel like the right time for you to take the directing plunge?

Hawaii Five-0 ... and their real life partners

I think my career is still a work in progress. There are many things I want to do, so many people I want to work with, so many different opportunities out there as an actor. Fundamentally, on this show, it took me years and years and years to get my workload down to a point where I could even conceptualize doing something like directing, because it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy.

It was by chance that [the opportunity] came this late on this show.

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What was the most challenging part about directing? The trickiest thing for me was dealing with myself, to be totally honest.

  • Alex O'Loughlin reveals why he's changing his tune about leaving 'Hawaii Five-0' (exclusive)
  • Are Michelle Borth and Alex O’Loughlin Involved In Real Life?
  • Alex O'Loughlin Reveals Why He's Changing His Tune About Leaving 'Hawaii Five-0' (Exclusive)

I just wanted to get me out of the way so I could focus on all of these great actors I was working with. I was annoyed at and with myself. This may be a difficult question for you to answer, but how is Alex the director different from Alex the actor? That's an interesting question. There are some big differences. When I'm working as an actor, I want to be left alone and I have to go inward to get to the work that I've done, if that makes sense. But as a director, I'm much more gregarious and running around [on set] -- "Hey, I'm so glad we're doing this!

It's not that I feel more like a collaborator when I'm directing, but I feel like the collaboration when you work as an actor is more unsaid, it's more unsuspecting. You are a cog in the machine and you just focus on your part.

As a director, you're focusing on all the cogs and on all the sums of the [whole] part.

alex oloughlin and michelle borth dating

What was the most difficult for you to execute? The action's second nature to me.

‘Hawaii Five-0′: Alex O’Loughlin Gets Candid About His Decision to Leave the Show

I know how to do action and make it action-y. Working with [guest stars] Joanna [Christie] and Daniel [Kaemon] was great. To have the permission to climb down into the foxhole with these actors where they live and do all their hard, dirty, emotional work and sit with them quietly and go, "Hey, listen, how do you feel about this? Do you trust me to take this [scene] this way? I care about story, man. I care about the human journey. To have these amazing actors give me the encouragement to be a part of what they're doing, to help them make choices, that was really, really amazing and very fulfilling.

Talk me through filming that moment. Oh yeah, that was rad! So someone had to come in and string it like a normal guitar because none of us [had experience playing it]. I cheated a little bit and had them restring it so I could play it like a human. It was a bizarre, funny little moment to have Jimmy Buffett with his bare feet up in McGarrett's office. What happens with Catherine and McGarrett in this episode, and what happens as a result of Catherine explaining, finally, everything that happened in her life that made her behave the way she did and is now going to send her off into her own trajectory that doesn't involve him, really helps humanize his mother for him.

alex oloughlin and michelle borth dating

It helps humanize Doris and really helps McGarrett understand who his mother is and what her needs were, and why she did what she did. Even though he kind of knew on a head level, this stuff has really helped him feel that. And I think that's really important.

He needs to move on from Catherine, which he finally now can. And, not that he's going to move on from Doris, but he can now accept Doris as Doris, without the terrible existential angst that has before now gone with it. He was with Catherine for five years, six years. It was a long relationship and a really important one, and the way it ended was a great shock and was really painful.

alex oloughlin and michelle borth dating

I think anyone who's had a long, intense relationship of deep love, of real, groundbreaking, life-changing love that's ended knows that you don't just get over that. And frankly, you will never, ever. It's always going to be imprinted on your DNA. That's how powerful love is, and those experiences are. Does he still consider her the one who got away? No, Catherine's not the one that got away. Catherine's the one that wasn't meant to be. And he respects her and her choices, but I think now, knowing what he knows, there's also a sense of relief, a quiet kind of acceptance and relief, that it happened the way it did.

Because imagine if they'd had kids, if they'd got married and had kids, and then she had this, like, "Oh, I've got to go and I can't tell you anything. That'd be kind of unforgivable. So at least now, the love that they had, he can hold in a sacred place that can always be nurtured. But it's not something he's going to yearn for now, because he understands it.