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In this latest edit of The Cut Andy Allen shares with us how he manages to find balance The biggest challenge to date is running a restaurant. Andy will team up with MasterChef mate Ben Milbourne for a new show on Network Ten later this year called Andy and Ben Eat The. Andy and Ben met on the set of MasterChef Australia in and hit it off instantly. . Andy Allen's tips for cooking the perfect steak every time.

Food, drink, service, space are just a few of the variables that make up a successful business today. Interiors, like you said play a huge part. At Three Blue Ducks Rosebery, we are lucky enough to have a stunning heritage listed warehouse which really speaks for itself. How do you spend your downtime?

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Getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city is hugely important for me. Not being a city slicker growing up, I have an existing connection with escaping and exploring whether that be by the ocean or in the outback.

With the first series focused around the east coast of Australia, the obvious choice for us was to target the west. At this stage, if we can raise the cash sooner rather than later, we will set out to shoot next Feb!

How would you describe your personal style?

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In saying that, I always like to look my best. Name the one item that you will never leave home without? Simon Schluter As the contenders prepare to produce the signature dishes that they hope will wow the judges, Goodwin remembers the nerves that plagued her MasterChef experience.

Back init was a different can of peas. The judges came in to introduce themselves — they were unfamiliar because the show had never been on before. And they said, 'We've just been auditioning in Perth and all they've made for us is lamb and potatoes and we're sick to death of it. So here's hoping that if you've got lamb and potatoes, it better be the best damned lamb and potatoes we ever ate. She found leaving her husband and three young sons extremely stressful. But she battled through, eventually emerging as a winner against Poh Ling Yeow in a finale that attracted a phenomenal 3.

She subsequently became a contributor to Woman's Weekly and the Today show, and wrote her first cookbook, which was a best-seller. MasterChef Australia returns for a new season of cooking triumphs and failures.


Adam Liaw, who was victorious the following year, recalls that the big goal for many of the contestants was to write a cookbook: He's now published five, as well as travelling the world exploring cuisines, hosting TV shows and writing recipe columns for newspapers and magazines.

He describes his decision to apply for MasterChef as "a fit of madness. I'd been encouraged by people who knew that I loved cooking to give it a go, including my dad. He could see the enjoyment I was having cooking, and we were both enjoying what we were doing. Andy Allen won MasterChef Australia in They do create challenges that are just not meant to be achievable.

There were long days with a lot of waiting around, but the 60 minute cooks you see on-screen do go for 60 minutes. There were certain challenges where the food had to be served cold, but what no one saw on TV was that the judges are constantly going around and tasting food.

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They do get a pretty good idea from doing that about whether it will taste good or not. But I think very little down time is a good thing, because it distracts you from missing home. You are literally always learning, always on. Those team challenges, and how you get through them, and the skills you gain are invaluable too.

I was never lonely, but I did miss the people on the outside. You just miss the people who would normally be popping in and out of your life every day. My sister just had a little baby boy when I went on the show, there was lots happening in the outside world. We spent every single day with them and all your normal support structures are gone, so you rely on the people in that house, and that top Some people did struggle, but we were very lucky we had each other.