Are kaycee rice and gabe de guzman dating

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Silento – Dessert #DessertDance Gabe De Guzman & Kaycee Rice, NICKI MINAJ-ANACONDA Gabe De Guzman and Kaycee Rice Choreo by TRICIA. Gabe De Guzman is an American dancer. Lert's have Apart from solos, Gabe is also known for his awesome duos with Kaycee Rice. The pair. Kaycee Caitlin Rice (born on October 21, in Woodland Hills, California, U.S. ), is a Her former partner Gabe De Guzman described: "She picks up choreography .. Date. YT, , Time to Dance, Samuel Cristea, Background.

Commercial spots After dancing put him on the map, Gabe started expanding his portfolio, building out his reel with a number of national commercials—some of which he doesn't dance in at all. Now that he's a part of Club Mickey Mouse, he's basically a brand ambassador, and a lot of his life is kind of a commercial—so it's a good thing he's had plenty of practice.

In the background Instagram As a dancer, Gabe has brushed shoulders with some of the biggest names in entertainment, serving as a backup performer on some seriously high-profile stages. The most widely seen performance he's been involved with was the halftime show of Super Bowl XLIXwhere he shared the stage with Missy Elliott and Katy Perry in a spectacle that broke records for viewership.

Things you didn't know about Gabe De Guzman

Professional that he is, you probably didn't notice him at the time; unlike Left Shark, Gabe is more than capable of nailing his choreography. After the performance, which took place on the eve of his 15th birthday, Gabe said the experience was " overwhelming ," which sounds about right. He's also flashed his smile and strutted his stuff on a number of dance competitions, reality programs, and televised awards shows, appearing on the finale of The X Factor with Carly Rose Sonenclar, in the season of Dance Momsthe ninth season of America's Got Talentand the third season of Shake It Up.

He also performed with a group at the Radio Disney Music Awards from to Along with frequent collaborator Kaycee Rice, Gabe has also been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, charming his way through an interview and performing on the show after both of them came out on top in a competitive dance challenge hosted on Ellentube.

Things you didn't know about Gabe De Guzman

Designing the dance Instagram By now, Gabe has spent most of his life learning the art of dance under many teachers and coaches, so it's no surprise that he's also begun to develop his own professional skills in coaching and choreography. He's produced videos featuring a number of performers doing routines he choreographed himself, one of the more impressive being a December performance of Chris Brown's " Turn Up the Music " which he conceived of and designed as the opening number of a fundraising gala.

He also shares small tutorials for individual moves on social media, breaking down the little things to make it easy for viewers at home to follow along. While Gabe has gotten popular for his hip hop dance routines, he aspires to be more than a devotee of one school of dance. As he's grown as a dancer, so have his ambitions—but while Gabe is on a mission to master as many dance styles as possible, he still believes in ballet as the foundation of all dance.

While he may be chasing stardom in front of the camera for now, Gabe's long-term goals involve graduating from the Juilliard School and becoming a famous choreographerable to teach his routines to not only aspiring amateurs, but also the most well-known acts in the world.

For now, his advice for up-and-coming dancers is pretty simple, and applies in the same way to both boys and girls—do ballet, and eat healthy.

Gabe in the game Before he even reached his teens, Gabe achieved a particular sort of immortality by being featured in two installments of the popular Just Dance series of video games. The first, Just Dance: Gabe's not in the games as a playable character; rather, like in real life, he's more of a coach.

The motion-capture games feature onscreen dancers doing moves that players are supposed to do their best to copy—which isn't as hard as it sounds.

Since the games are mainly for children, the routines are insanely simplistic compared to what Gabe usually does. Ever the performer, he never drops his game face—just because he could rock to a beat in his sleep doesn't mean the players can, after all. Dynamic duo Instagram Gabe has gotten lots of his viral attention thanks to the chemistry he shares with a friend—or as he calls her, his " partner in crime.

Recordings of their collaborations have drawn millions of views, and it's no surprise why.

are kaycee rice and gabe de guzman dating

She got her first acting main role on Disney's short film How to catch a ghost and got a minor role in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later - Season 1 episode "Dance". She played also Maggie on crowd founded TV series The Neighborhood Kiddos, but the series never launched successfully. She gets first dance kid ever sponsored by Nike, running her own campaign and had been allowed to design her own shoe for them - design Weirdo.

She got the nickname "Weirdo" by her mom to describe the not normal behavior of her daughter, which she accepted and made it to her personal philosophy - "Be yourself and be weird. It seems that Kaycee was a busily student of Bruce Lee's philosophy. She runs a small wearing enterprise first the slogan "Weirdo - Just be you.

are kaycee rice and gabe de guzman dating

Weirdo gets online home schooled since 6th grade [6] and got A-s straight in first semester of 10th grade [7]showing she has much more to offer than just a high carrier IQ.

Her favorite subject is math. She finds it quite challenging.

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She also started writing poems in and has a talent for drawing; especially cartoons. Kaycee is literally famous for being humble and not to take off by success, start bragging or being cocky, even if false modesty seems sometimes ridiculous. Her parents and choreographers conventionalized her to keep ground-standing. If she wants to compare with someone else, she should trying the girl in the mirror or on video.

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But that was exactly what led to her popularity. Always smiling, in good mood and supportive. She is trying to keep a permanent positive outlook to the world. Her new dance partner Sean Lew said about her "Try bowling with her. She left a trail of glitter and unicorns!

But she took it cool and ground-standing when "the microphones were pressed in her face" since she was ten.

Kaycee Rice Bio

She had never hard feelings about that. On the contrary, she is very thankful that Katy launched her carrier, mined so many opportunities for her and to quote "being on an incredible ride" ever since. Kaycee also dances many years as philanthropist, such as for http: Due her engagement and popularity, and those of many other dancers and choreographers, the funds rises very well, financing research and treatments for children with cancer and she personally has had spent some time with kids diagnosed cancer.

Kaycee began dancing when she was four in a half years old and began competing when she was five years old.

Kaycee went daily strait after school before homeschooling to the studio for training. Sometimes until late into the evening when her mom was closing the studio. She is trained in various styles of dancing - ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, tumbling, acro and her strongest suits contemporary and hip-hop.