Ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

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ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files team members Ben Hansen and Jael de Pardo talk about what viewers can look forward to, including a visit to. Canadian family physician medecin de gruyter, are ben hansen and jael de pardo dating youtube justin timberlake snl dating game qiaofeng wang;. Josh gates and jael de pardo dating. can switch location on/off before each tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Paranormal reality.

Hansen and de Pardo are joined in their investigations by lead scientist Bill Murphy, tech specialist Devin Marble, stunt expert Austin Porter and new team member, photographer Lanisha Cole. Last week, Ben Hansen and Jael de Pardo took a respite from their investigations to speak with myself and other journalists via a conference call about their work on the show.

We were literally on the border; like the fence was right there. They actually have a museum that you can visit, but we ran out of time. We went there more to take in where the events took place and get a sense of all that. Jael, I'm sure you guys have many opportunities to investigate UFOs. What made that one stand out or why did you guys select to do that one?

ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

Well, that particular case has a lot of history and there's definitely been a great deal of a speculation regarding that particular video. There's a lot of mystery behind it and so much speculation as to whether or not White Sands Missile Range is connected to alien technology and reverse engineering and also a Roswell connection.

So we wanted to tackle a video that has been talked about so much. We found it really quite interesting just looking into all that history. How has the field, as well as the way you gather your evidence, changed since you first began doing the show?

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Well, for one, I feel that a lot of the cases that we've been tapping into are perhaps bigger and more historical. They've been talked about for a really long time. It's exciting to then be able to go into the field and document our own evidence in regard to these anomalies that people have been talking about for a very long time.

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I haven't been on a few of the ghost cases that our team has been on, but they have returned with some very incredible evidence including, for example, EVP Electronic voice phenomenon sessions that indicate some kind of connection to the story behind the place being investigated.

The other exciting thing about some of these large scale cases is that our experiments are also becoming more large scale. Our technology has become more advanced and we've done some things that are literally explosive. You have to stand pretty far at a distance for safety purposes, but it's really fun and exciting stuff to watch. With all these cases, what type phenomena do you guys find people are most interested in? It kind of runs the whole gamut.

ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

You have the core followers of Ghost Hunters who seem to love the ghost cases. So I think when they break it down and see what people love the most, they love a little bit of everything.

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Do you think you will be going on the Ghost Hunters live Halloween show at Pennhurst? Jael, do you feel that there's a big difference between the work you did with Destination Truth and the work that you do with Fact or Faked?

Which one did you feel that you were probably more in danger doing? The biggest difference between the two shows is that I think Fact or Faked has a more scientific approach with our experiments and such in tackling these cases, On the other hand, Destination Truth has this travelogue aspect where we're headed to really remote places around the world and having this adventure in the process and doing things such as rappelling down mountain cliffs and crossing waterfalls.

With Destination Truth we were running around places like the Amazon at 2: So it definitely had more of an element of danger, whereas Fact of Faked has, like I was saying, this sort of scientific approach where we have to dissect things by trying to figure out experiments and ways to replicate the evidence.

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ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

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Ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

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ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

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ben hansen and jael de pardo dating

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