Benjamin stone and skyler samuels dating

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benjamin stone and skyler samuels dating

Netflix Officially Reveals 'The Punisher' Season 2 Premiere Date with Intense Brian (Grey Damon) and fellow student Alek (Benjamin Stone) – capturing During a recent interview, actress Skyler Samuels talked about how. Skyler Samuels and Benjamin Stone take advantage of the crowded the vintage store where she works and asks Chloe out on another date. Benjamin Stone news, gossip, photos of Benjamin Stone, biography, Benjamin Stone dating history, , , list of Benjamin Stone Skyler Samuels.

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She is believed to be the savior of the Mai race, with extra abilities and the gift of nine lives, making her the "Uniter", a warrior in a prophecy that states that she must save the world and both the Mai and Human races, and stop their war. She is originally from Ukrainebut was brought to the United States by the man who became her adoptive father and may know of her powers.

benjamin stone and skyler samuels dating

Alek Petrov Benjamin Stone is one of the descendants of the Mai race and Jasmine's cousin who reveals himself to Chloe to protect her. Alek's parents were killed by part of the order. Alek attempted to kiss Chloe in the first episode, but was stopped by Jasmine before he could.

He acts as her protector, and helps keep her from harm. He has a habit of cracking jokes and teasing Chloe about aspects of the Mai's abilities and attributes.

Alek eventually ends up falling in love with Chloe. In episode 7, Alek comes to Chloe, tells her that they belong together and kisses her and she kisses him back.

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Alek goes to Paul and seeks advice on how to woo Chloe. Paul reveals that there is nothing more important to Chloe than her friends. Later, Alek tells Chloe that he wants the duty of Chloe's protector to be removed so that if Chloe ever ends up in trouble he can be there because he wants to, not because he has to. It is revealed in the series finale that Zane is his brother. Her husband found Chloe and decided to adopt her but later left her, making Meredith a single parent.

She started dating Paul, the final member of the trio, in the first episode. They broke up briefly, but soon realized one fight was not enough to keep them apart. He is shown to be somewhat of a comic book geek, being very excited when Chloe develops her powers. He is the only one out of Chloe's group of human friends who believe from the beginning that her powers were a gift, not a curse, and demanded to be Chloe's 'sidekick'.

Jasmine Alyssa Diaz is one of the descendants of the Mai race who seeks to protect Chloe, the savior of their race. Her mother Valentina is the leader of the San Francisco Mai. Throughout the first season, Jasmine reveals that she has struggled to earn her mother's approval.

In the series finale Jasmine is stabbed by Zane and seemed to be dying next to her mother. Brian Rezza Grey Damon is a friend and love interest to Chloe and also the son of the man who is attempting to kill Chloe to wipe out the Mai civilization.

He is referred to as "kitty hat" by Amy, because Chloe met Brian by selling him a hat with cat ears. Brian and Chloe have a very complicated relationship due to Chloe's inability to "get intimate" with humans, lest the human dies or become paralyzed. Brian admits to loving Chloe, but Chloe tells him they are to be "just friends" Brian catches Chloe kissing Alek and becomes angered that she does not return his feelings.

He continues to see Chloe as friends, which in turn angers Alek, who does not understand why Chloe still has feelings for Brian. Brian pushes and punches Alek, which deeply angers Chloe, due to her protection of friends. Brian tells her later that he acted so physically because "it was him," meaning that Alek was the one who had first wounded Chloe's and Brian's friendship.

In the series finale, it appears that he dies because he kissed Chloe. According to Jasmine and Alek, she has killed fifteen members of the Order with her bare hands. She is the subject of Jasmine's frustration, due to her lack of attention towards her daughter.

Valentina believes that Chloe must leave behind her human life in order to pursue her destiny, though after Chloe goes out of her way to help her friend and employer against an abusive ex-boyfriend, she states that Chloe is everything she expected of the Uniter and that it may be time for the Mai and the humans to stop living in separate worlds.

In the series finale, she is seemed to be killed with a poison dart. Whitney Rezza David S. Has it been a challenge for you to play an element of the supernatural? Playing someone supernatural is more realistic than I thought it would be. But, on this show, it always comes back to something very realistic that I can relate to from my own life.

You were also on The Gates, prior to this show. Was there any conscious attempt, on your part, to do supernatural-type TV shows, or did it just work out that way?

I had a great time working on The Gates, and that was my first real experience doing supernatural television, working with the special effects and everything that goes into making a supernatural show. Without giving anything away, what can viewers expect from the show this season?

Well, this first season of The Nine Lives of Chloe King is filled with adventures, thrills, romance, comedy and drama, and a lot of heartfelt relationships.

There is nothing predictable about this first season. Chloe is definitely becoming a very interesting and complex young lady, throughout this transformation. I would be very curious to see if Chloe falls into a bit more trouble in Season 2.

Skyler Samuels: UpFronts with Grey Damon and Benjamin Stone

Maybe Chloe will team up with a villain, or go undercover, or does something a little grittier than her daily routine. How many episodes are there for this season? We have ten for this season, including the pilot. Are the claws CGI or prosthetics? We use a lot of different kinds of media on our show, to make that happen.

We have an incredible special effects make-up artist, Ed French, who won Emmys for his work.

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He is absolutely the best of the best. He came in, at the beginning of the season, and all of the Mai feline people had claws made, which is very cool.

Skyler Samuels Interview THE NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING

We had to dip our hands in this seaweed goop and make these nails, so we have actual, physical claws that we put on. But, we also use visual effects, like CGI, to make them come in and out. Does it take a long time to have to deal with any of that, or is it pretty easy? In the beginning, it was kind of messy. They collected so much lint. It was so funny.

Everybody had glue everywhere. We have a variation.

benjamin stone and skyler samuels dating

Do you have any favorite moments or scenes in this season? We shot underwater and I was chained up for part of the episode. It was absolutely incredible to film. Your character is described as having cat-like superpowers. In real life, if you could have powers, which ones would you choose? I wish I had claws just because, how cool would that be? But, among my cat-like powers, I also would probably like to have super-speed, just so I can get more done in a day.

It seems like a much more practical superpower to me. How do you feel that this show fits in with the ABC Family line-up? ABC Family has done an absolutely incredible job in producing these hit shows. ABC Family is where the good stuff is at. And, being paired with Pretty Little Liars is a high honor, in my opinion.

Do you think this feels more like a supernatural show, an adventure show, or a romance, or is it a blend? When I first saw the pilot, I cried. I was so excited at what I saw. Making it, I had the most incredible time. To see it all put together, it was better than I could have hoped for.