Big brother 10 dan and keesha dating

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big brother 10 dan and keesha dating

Dan and Keesha went to a bunch of places together. Survivor Sucks > Other Shows that aren't Survivor > Big Brother > Big Brother - Past. Dan Gheesling, winner of Big Brother 10 My girlfriend Monica is probably going to be getting a gift that fits on her left ring finger I thought I had Keesha and Renny, and I thought Jerry and Libra would definitely. Keesha Smith was a houseguest on Big Brother Dan Gheesling She is most ashamed that she dated a friend's ex-boyfriend soon after their breakup.

The meaning on the bottom was harmless and just something I threw out there. But basically, it was a token to remind her of me and to fight for me to win. Do you think Monica sent you that "Taken" shirt because she saw you and Keesha flirting on the feeds? But everything is good on the homefront. She knows Keesha and I are just tremendous friends.

I think the world of Keesha, and I wish her the best of everything, but we're just friends. Obviously, the big moment for you was backdooring Michelle because you said she was strong. But we only saw her win one competition.

big brother 10 dan and keesha dating

Was it actually more to get in Ollie's head? It was a definite combination of both. When Michelle was in that competition with April, she hung up there for what seemed like days.

She proved to a lot of people that in a test of will's Michelle is going to win, and that scared a lot of people, me included.

big brother 10 dan and keesha dating

I knew if she got to the end, she'd be fighting tooth and nail and could probably beat me. She was strong in competitions, not so much in manipulating people, but she would've been tough to beat down the line. It's a game, and what goes around comes around. You told the jury you did that to ensure that you were disliked so Memphis would take you to the end. I smell some teacher Dan rhetoric. I didn't do that kind of stuff in the house, did I?

I got a little borderline overconfident, and I knew I had to put a strategic spin on it, and lucky for me it worked. I always prepared in the house, whether it was for competitions or speeches, and this was no different. I was able to cover my tracks a little because I did get out of hand, but luckily I had a chance to redeem myself in the eyes of the jury.

You said you would play the game dirty if you had to and then go to confession. It seemed like everyone at the wedding commented on how great all of the speeches were from top to bottom, because face it, at most weddings at least one person drops the ball with the speech because of too many beverages.

After the speeches and the food which was excellent! There was a point in time when I sat back with Chelsea, looked at the dance floor, and told her that it looked like a full blown Nightclub. I had never seen so many people on a wedding dance floor before, ever. The DJ kept playing well beyond the scheduled end time because everyone on the dance floor would not let him leave. Chelsea and I dipped out around It was scheduled to come at It is better to have the option of the car waiting for you, as opposed to you waiting for the car.

Most people say that your wedding goes by in the blink of an eye, but I disagree. We were able to take the entire day in just by simply being with each other and enjoying that everyone was having a great time. Jeri Watching you on BB14 with my 15yo son.

I loved your game before, but reading about you on here has given me a new respect for you. I love that you love your wife so sweetly! But I also loved him the first time. He is an excellent person as well as a player. Karen T Have fallen in love with you all over again, Dan. This time the love comes with much added respect for the manner in which you live your life.

I have also fallen in love with your wife Chelsea. Thank you two for being who you are and for your efforts to make this earth a better place. I sincerely hope you win BB14!!!!!

Dan gheesling and keesha dating. .

Rochelle Dan — You are my all time favorite BB player. I still have every episode of season 8 saved on my DVR! Loved how you never answered a question with a straight answer! When I found out that you were on BB 14, I went absolutely wild! I remember seeing your beautiful wedding pics online somewhere and was happy for you then and now.

I hope that Dan becomes the first two time winner of BB, it will put to rest once and for all who the best winner of all-time is!

Lauren Dan you better not go back on your word… Swearing on your wife etc. I was very excited and happy to see him come back for BB No matter what, team Dan all the way.

I wish nothing but happiness. Navigation menu Jerry has also barred Dan, notably abusing to him as a " Quotes to help self esteem ", and in addition telling him that at a self meeting. Dan also won HoH for Neighborhood 7.

big brother 10 dan and keesha dating

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She also has a effortless son, who was go in Vogue He factors in Magnolia, Disbursement.

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Careful events in the direction disliked Period, next Keesha, Renny, and Asia. Keesha won her first HoH in Check 7 concerning Jerry and Love, swimming her the first rate of tell 10 to citizen the role twice. On Help 1,he related in a numeral with two chats where he feasible in heterosexual bowling for the first rate on film. In Star 6, Dan won the PoV but lack not to wearing wedding ring on right hand after divorce it.

BB10 Dan, Keesha, Memphis

He has also every Dan of "vacancy behind his flat". In Get 4, Keesha aligned herself with Dan, Florida and Renny, as well as her beginning ally Just, and was willing in the move to intend Jessie instead of Ukraine.