Detective amaro and rollins dating sim

'Law & Order: SVU': Detective Rollins Reveals Her Baby's Father

detective amaro and rollins dating sim

Law & Order: SVUfans were both surprised and elated when it was revealed late last season that Rollins (Kelli Giddish) and Amaro (Danny. 'Law & Order: SVU': Detective Rollins Reveals Her Baby's Father thinks the baby was conceived when they had a July 4th weekend together. Amaro also is mistrusting of Rollins, showing stalkerish behavior toward her. As Sondra looks at Rollins' badge and notices she is a detective, .. At a later date with IAB, the video Declan took of Rollins moving to service is playing. .. All the actors regular and main guests brought their "A" game to their.

Sondra tells her she has one more chance. Declan shows Rollins a file and explains that the woman in the photo has been selected by the state of New York to serve as a juror.

Sondra adds that it is a victimless crime — insurance fraud - and they want to help her come to the right decision. Rollins is immediately concerned and Sondra tells Rollins that her boss needs her address. Rollins raises her voice and questions that they want the home address of a juror?

'Law & Order: SVU': Detective Rollins Reveals Her Baby's Father

He orders Rollins to find her and when she does, to text him a picture and the address, holding out a cell phone for her to take. Rollins reluctantly takes it. But Declan calls her bluff, showing that Carlos followed her and took pictures, she led them right to her. He asks her who would pay the medical bills for her son, adding they are not threatening her, they are helping her. He says Rollins is not helping herself.

She gets in his face and shouts that she is not doing anything that will get somebody hurt. He replies he guesses it is over, asking who should he call, her Sergeant? He adds that jail time for a cop is not a pleasant thing. Before he can dial the phone she frantically tells him to wait. She stands close to him and suggests maybe t here is some other way they can work this out. Declan has Carlos leave the room. He reminds her she is not calling the shots, he is.

He tells her to come here, and she reluctantly moves toward him. He pulls her down to her knees. Clare tells Sondra to tell Marcelo to keep his hands off her ass.

Sondra walks back into the office and asks if everything is OK. Rollins appears to be fixing her shirt and Declan says she passed the third test, she went low and beyond the call of duty. Sondra tells him to get out and watch the floor. She hands Rollins the drink.

Rollins thanks her and sits down, and tells Sondra she will only work for her and to make sure Declan knows that.

Sondra thinks he got the message. She pours Rollins another drink. Rollins says her show is impressive and that her club is not on the radar at the NYPD. Sondra asks why would she be, she is an Ivy league educated art history major. Sondra, who is pregnant, says her boy will not have to grow up the way she did. Sondra asks Rollins if she asks herself what it is she wants out of life.

Sondra thinks she can do well for herself here, if she can let go of her working class morality, asking if she can do that. Rollins asks if she can let go of her debt. Sondra says she can work it off.

Rollins suggests she not take a long maternity leave; her world is like her own, you work your asses to get where they are and a man comes around and thinks everything should be handed to them. Rollins leave as Sondra ponders that statement. Back at SVU, Benson is on the phone telling the caller they do know they are spread very thin here. Fin knocks on the door and asks if she has a second for him and Amaro.

She motions them in, and Amaro says she has a problem.

detective amaro and rollins dating sim

Amaro tracked her cell to a warehouse near the Navy yard and she was talking to some guy that looked Irish mob to him and he thinks it is a gambling club.

Amaro goes on to say that Rollins got out pretty late and Fin argues that it might be nothing. Benson cuts them off and thanks them for coming in, she appreciates it and she will take care of it. Fin and Amaro look at each other and Fin walks out. Amaro claims he did not want to take any chances, not after what happened to her.

He insists he is not stalking Rollins, but Benson comments it is funny he should say that.

detective amaro and rollins dating sim

She explains that Maria has been calling her and is worried about him. She asks if there is anything he wants to tell her about. Benson says good, then tells him to stay away from Rollins too. Marcelo, the Brazilian, needs a lift home. Rollins takes the car keys and then tells Declan and Sondra that the waitress that ratted her out is Meanwhile, Rollins drives Marcelo back to his home and when she asks Marcelo how they are working him, he explains he is a diplomat with immunity and says he is not going to pay; he owes so much they need him.

They get to his home and Marcelo gives her the security code, saying it is hitme The gate opens and Marcelo's wife is there and not happy to see Rollins, who explains she is the designated driver. They all enter the home and sit Marcelo down.

detective amaro and rollins dating sim

She tells Rollins she can go now and to tell them not to call her anymore and to not let him back in their club. Rollins leaves and then gets a message on her phone. He offers her his support as far as money but she declines, saying she is moonlighting security as a club. He asks if the club has cards, and then asks if they are asking her to do anything like addresses or licenses and can she just walk away.

detective amaro and rollins dating sim

She says soon, but he reminds her if he is noticing, so are others and this is going to come down on her. She insists she has it under control, and he says she knows where to find him as he offers her a wad of cash. She thinks maybe it is time for her to get out, but Declan says it is too late, Sondra needs another favor. He explains that Carlos got himself into a jam driving a client home a while back.

Carlos said he was caught in a speed trap with an unlicensed gun and it was as set up. She stands up and asks Carlos to confirm he has no record or priors and he insists he does not. Declan asks her to see what she can do. Later, Rollins goes to the evidence room, wearing her hair up in a cap, and signs in as Detective Wheeler to get the gun.

She notices the camera. She brings the gun to Sondra who tells her this takes care of the interest on her debt this week. Sondra asks if there is any chance she can pull a double, and Declan asks if there is something he should know about. Sondra replies if he needed to know about it she would have told him, then tells Rollins she will be in touch. She says she has a few things to clean up here.

Fin says he will come with her, and Amaro looks suspicious. He took some cash but left her jewelry and electronics. Major case is sending over their art crimes expert to assess the stolen art work. Fin listens to Marcelo complain about what took them so long, and Marcelo sees Rollins and his eyes grow wide. Rollins states she is going to take the wife. As Marcelo explains to Fin what happened, Rollins slowly walks up the stairs and overhears what is said.

Marcelo states, contrary to what he said to the first detective, that now the intruder wore a mask and he did not see his face. Rollins speaks to his wife Beatriz who is clearly upset when she recognizes Rollins and recoils, thinking that she is there to put pressure on her. She says she gets the message and knows what to do Rollins stoops down and touches her arm. She asks how is the wife, and Rollins comments that she shut down, suggesting she was in shock.

Olivia Benson

Fin thinks they know the perp and are afraid of them, Amaro adding that the assailant knew them and their door code and which paintings to steam.

Benson wonders if the rape was to throw them off — and Amaro wonders if it was to send a message. Rollins offers to pull the front door security video and check for other cameras on the block. Rollins explains that video is gone and the perp must have taken it but she has another camera from across the street. She assures hum she has this and asks if he has anything from the lab. Amaro enters and advises he visited the Brazilian consulate and they were less than helpful.

Fin says he just had a gun charge dropped, but Rollins asks how did they have his DNA then? Fin explains Carlos had a misdemeanor charge last fall for stalking in the fourth degree. He got plead down to domestic assault Amaro comments that it is a good thing New York finally authorized all crimes DNA. Rollins uncomfortable says he must not have realized that, he must have thought that once the gun charge was dropped his DNA would not be in the system.

Fin quips that they are looking for a dummy.

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Amaro notices Carlos was a driver at a Chelsea art gallery and suggests they follow up with the gallery to see if he still works there. Fin tells Rollins to go home and he and Amaro have this. Amaro continue to press to get the address but Anton blows them off. Amaro asks if he carries his work, and he says no, she is not on their radar. Outside, Fin notes that Carlos works in an art gallery and the Brazilian art was stolen. Amaro thinks it is strange Carlos just had a gun charge dismissed yesterday for lack of evidence.

At the club, Rollins yells at Declan, realizing they had the gun charges dropped so Carlos could rape his wife without worrying about leaving DNA. Declan explains this had nothing to do with him, this was all Sondra. Sondra looks satisfied and Rollins walks up to her and questions that she ordered an assault on an innocent woman. Sondra asks why does he think she is here? She tells Rollins she should have run his name through the computer before she told them his name was out of the system.

She orders Rollins to clean it up, and when Rollins asks what if she says no, Sondra throws back at her the stealing of the gun from evidence. She says that is a felony.

Declan wonders how Rollins can fix this but Sondra says Rollins will come up with something. Rollins says she will need a DNA sample form Carlos. Sondra calls him in. Later, Rollins passes along the DNA sample to the lab tech. She says it was from a man the victim was having an affair with. Her mother's rapist, Joseph Hollister, later committed suicide.

In the season 2 episode " Taken ", Serena Benson dies falling down a flight of subway stairs outside the entrance to a bar. In a later episode, " Intoxicated ", Benson mentions being engaged briefly when she was 16 to one of her mother's students; when her mother found out, she broke a bottle of vodka and went after her with it. Benson fought back, kicked her mother twice, and ran out of the house. Benson is a graduate of Siena College. Simon, whom she found by illegally running her DNA through the system, was a suspect in a rape case.

However, his name was cleared after it is revealed that he was framed by Captain Julia Millfield Kim Delaneywho believed incorrectly that he sexually assaulted her sister.

Calvin's mother, Vivian Maria Belloabandons him and flees when Benson's investigation uncovers that Vivian also a child of rape may have killed her mother's rapist. Vivian names Benson as Calvin's legal guardian. Sara confesses to murdering Vivian's father and is then shot dead. Vivian revokes Benson's parental rights and sends Calvin to live with his grandparents in Vermont. Both Calvin and Benson are devastated by the separation. When the children are taken by the City because of Simon's criminal background, Benson calls Defense Attorney Bayard Ellis Andre Braugherwith whom she has become good friends, to help Simon and Tracy get the children back.

When a judge denies the Marsdens their children back, Simon kidnaps them. Ellis makes a deal to have Simon serve a day sentence, knocking his charge down from kidnapping to a misdemeanor, custodial interference. One of the conditions of the reduced charges is that he must give up his custody petition and agree to visit his daughter only in a supervised setting for the next three years. Simon is reluctant, but Benson tells him that the deal is better than his daughter visiting him in jail.

The appointment is for a trial period of one year, with the option to apply for legal adoption at the end of that period. Benson blames herself for not checking Munson for weapons before leaving him alone with Dodds. The investigation was dropped in "Mood". In "No Good Reason", she brings Benson to family court, accusing her of being an unfit parent; the case is dismissed, but Benson agrees that it's in Noah's best interest that they stop fighting.

In "Unintended Consequences", Benson lets her visit and spend time with Noah. At the end of "Intent", she gets a call from Sheila telling her that Noah had been kidnapped in the mall. Benson goes to Sheila's cabin in Franconia, New Hampshire to rescue Noah, where Sheila attacks her; Benson manages to subdue and arrest her, however, and takes Noah back home with her.

Benson is forced to kill a suspect on three separate occasions during her tenure on the show: Also, in Season 6's "Rage", she shoots and wounds serial killer Gordon Rickett Matthew Modine to prevent Stabler from killing him in cold blood.

Relationships[ edit ] Hargitay has characterized Benson and Stabler's relationship as "very complicated". Sometimes it's very much like brother and sister, and I think the reason that they're so close is that they share a passion for their jobs and for the people.

They have a mutual respect for one another. I think that the average lifespan of an SVU detective is four years because of the difficulty and stress involved. They've been doing it for longer than that, so they feel like they're in their own world almost.

There's also sexual chemistry between them, it's so loaded and layered. People ask me if they'll ever get together—and people want that, and sometimes I think even Olivia wants that—but I don't think that will ever happen. I'm negotiating [with him to drop the gun]. It was a painful, high-stakes scene. Elliot and I have to admit what we mean to each other He is everything that [my character] Olivia has.

So this was where we really got that to pay off. While Stabler has yet to appear again in the series, Benson frequently mentions him in both a professional and personal context; she tells the squad's newer detectives what Stabler would do in a given situation, and says more than once that she is "getting over someone".

In the episode "Closure", Benson refers to it as a drunken one-night stand. It is implied that the relationship continued based on comments in the episode " Disrobed ". Cassidy leaves the precinct at the end of that episode. In the season 5 episode "Lowdown", it is revealed Benson had a relationship with a murder victim who turned out to be gay and HIV positive.

detective amaro and rollins dating sim

In the season 9 episode "Closet", the SVU squad are surprised to find out that Benson has been in a relationship with journalist Kurt Moss Bill Pullman for several months.

It comes out only because Internal Affairs is investigating Benson and Stabler in a case in which the department accidentally outed a professional football player. By the end of the episode, she breaks up with Moss.

While Benson has only been portrayed in relationships with men, she has, according to lesbian entertainment website AfterEllen.

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We know that people are into the Alex-Olivia thing. All the codes are in there. Hargitay has said that Connick, who is a friend of hers, improved the show to a more romantic advanced stance. I think Olivia couldn't have asked for a better companion to take her through a new stage in her life and career.

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In the episode "Hunting Ground", she decides to take it slow with Haden, claiming she needs time to see if their relationship will last. That night, they end up sleeping together in her apartment. This makes her late for a case, which is frowned upon in the NYPD. In the season 14 premiere, Benson shares a kiss with Cassidy after she tells him she is not the same person from 13 years before, when they had a brief sexual relationship.

Later that season, in the episode "Undercover Blue", it is revealed that Cassidy and Benson had been seeing each other for quite some time. Their relationship hits a rough patch in the episode when Cassidy is accused of rape, which results in their relationship becoming public.

The charges against Cassidy are later dropped when the SVU detectives discover that he was being set up. In season 15, Benson stays with Cassidy as she recovers from her imprisonment by a serial rapist. A few months after she returns to work, they get a new apartment together.