Hayley and blair dating

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hayley and blair dating

2 of the 9 photos Brooke used to describe her contained Blair as to Hayley when talking about Brooke while Season 29 was airing. Blair Townsend & Hayley Keel: The Amazing Race. Name: Blair Townsend Age: 31 college boyfriend; long term relationship; dated . The latest Tweets from Hayley Bivens (@HayleyAnnRN). CBS The Amazing Race alumni (s) #rxforlove ✈ ER/Trauma RN Educator OH raised ➡ FL living.

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Jodi Walker May 14, at If anybody feels you, Phil Keoghan feels you. Of course, I also have my own theories that Blair and Hayley have been slowly transitioning from Joey-and-Pacey-in-season-1 to Joey-and-Pacey-in-season-3, but only time will tell. Luckily, we have Keoghan on hand to assess the truly important stuff: Has this season taught you anything new about team dynamics?

hayley and blair dating

Well, first of all, I never saw this happening. I never saw the whole idea that people who have only known each other for three weeks could somehow find a way to work together and race around the world.

Phil Keoghan believes in love, Texas, and The Amazing Race

So do you think the opposite is true? Did the Blind Date teams actually have an advantage over the existing couples? No, I just think that the combinations of those teams worked well. And then, Team SoCal who are, in my mind, the most compatible of any of the teams this season—gosh, I thought they would have fallen in love by now. Hayley and Blair started out pretty rough, and quite frankly, I never saw them coming this far.

hayley and blair dating

It just goes to show how hard it is to be compatible with somebody. We introduced ourselves and then 30 seconds later, we were crawling through the mud, clawing our way across this obstacle course.

Then they ask you questions about how your first date is going!

hayley and blair dating

Despite the romantic failure, I think fans were surprised by how well the stranger premise worked and shocked that there were three Blind Date couples in the Finals. Was there a moment in the race where you felt like you were really clicking as a team? I feel like one of the most pivotal points for us was in Germany when we lost our passports.

That could have been the point when we went after each other, but we chose to stay positive and keep going.

hayley and blair dating

What happened, which is so weird, is that we just knew everything was going to be okay. If I yelled at him, what was that going to accomplish? It would make our team crumble, it would make us lose all respect for each other.

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I was like, we are not going home—we are going to find these freaking fanny packs and we are going to keep racing. We were on The Amazing Race!

Every day was our birthday! Well, you definitely seemed very confident the whole time, like you knew you were going to be at the end because you were going to work hard enough to get there.

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What do you think gave you a leg up on the competition? I think in tough scenarios, we made smart decisions. Whether it was what cab driver you pick or staying up on the computer for hours in the airport. Before Germany, Laura and I got on Google and did the street view search.

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We were literally walking the streets of Germany so we would know exactly where to go when we got off the plane. We felt really comfortable about our strategy all throughout the race.

And then just happened to make a little mistake here or there.

hayley and blair dating

I love those mistakes because I think it shows that, yeah, we screwed up numerous times, but we stayed positive. It was knowing that we were a strong team and were going to stay in this, and also, having so much fun throughout the process. Who did you feel like was your biggest competition throughout the race?