K2 and blue are still dating

I loved K2 with all my heart‚ I still love him: Blue Mbombo

k2 and blue are still dating

nutrients that work together with vitamin K to produce good health. This resource is continually updated so that it will remain the most useful resource on vitamin K2 over time. . I stopped because I still got a calcium score of with an LDL reading of only .. Blue color vision is more intense. 3. Reality TV stars Blue Mbombo and Katlego “K2” Mabusela have left fans However we still support and respect each other,” she wrote on Facebook. Blue says that she won't be dating anytime soon and wants to focus on. One of the world's most interesting rocks, K2 Granite (also known as K2 Jasper) is a white granite with spherical areas stained a vivid blue color by azurite. have a hard time believing it because white granite and azurite rarely occur together. If you still doubt the “azurite in granite” identification, you might enjoy visiting a.

He quickly helped coordinate the response, and then returned to the microphone.

k2 and blue are still dating

That scene occurred the same day that 76 people were believed to have overdosed on some form of K2, or synthetic marijuana, officials in New Haven said. Officials responded to 19 additional reports of overdoses on Thursday, bringing the total to 95 cases, according to Rick Fontana, New Haven Emergency Operations Director.

k2 and blue are still dating

Almost all of the overdoses occurred in New Haven Green, a large park in the city's downtown. The park, home to a historical burial ground, gets lots of foot traffic and is family-friendly with "elm trees, lawn and fountains.

k2 and blue are still dating

Read More On Wednesday, 72 people were transported to the hospital and four people refused treatment, according to Fontana. There have been no deaths from the spate of overdoses.

k2 and blue are still dating

Hartman said three people, who are considered "persons of interest" were arrested Wednesday in connection with the overdoses. What is synthetic marijuana? K2 synthetic weed use spiked insays CDC Synthetic cannabinoids like K2 are human-made chemicals that can be either sprayed on dried plants and smoked or sold as liquids to be inhaled in e-cigarettes or other devices.

They can be anywhere from 2 to times more potent than THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, researchers have said. The azurite is a secondary material that clearly formed after all of the other minerals in the granite had solidified from the parent melt.

A view of K2, also known as Mount Godwin Austen, in the morning sun. With a summit elevation of 8, meters, K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest 8, metersand ahead of Kangchenjunga 8, meters.

People Don't Believe It's Azurite Many people see this material at mineral shows or lapidary shows and immediately think that the round blue dots have been produced with a dye.

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When they ask about the identity of the blue material and learn that it is "azurite," they usually have a hard time believing it because white granite and azurite rarely occur together. For most people, this is the first time that they have seen the two materials in such close association. Some specimens also have small areas that are stained green with malachite.

In the close-up photo of K2 granite, you can see dozens of small green malachite stains. There you will find experienced mineralogists, people from Pakistan who obtain K2 at its source, and lapidarists who cut K2 cabochons, discussing the material and sharing observations, photomicrographs, chemical analyses, and x-ray diffraction data.

Azurite granite with malachite: The photo above features a close-up of a piece of K2 Granite.

k2 and blue are still dating

Dozens of green malachite stains can be seen in this specimen. Where Is K2 Found? K2 granite is named after a mountain in the Karakoram Range near the border between Pakistan and China. K2, also known as "Mount Godwin Austen," is the second-highest mountain in the world.

More than 90 people overdosed on K2 in one New Haven park

The azurite granite is found in colluvium near the base of the mountain. It is in a very remote area visited by very few people. An oval cabochon cut from K2 Granite with several bright blue azurite stains. Within each stain you can see the texture of the granite and grains of black biotite.

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These indicate that the stain formed after the granite solidified from its parent melt. This cabochon is about 20 x 30 millimeters in size. Lapidary Properties K2 granite cuts, tumbles, and polishes beautifully. Due to its high feldspar content, it can be easily cut with a lapidary saw and shapes quickly on a diamond wheel. Although azurite has a Mohs hardness of 3. This is because the azurite exists as a stain rather than as discrete mineral grains.