Lauren graham and vanessa marano dating

Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix casts Luke's daughter Vanessa Marano, Emily Kuroda |

lauren graham and vanessa marano dating

Vanessa Marano (April Nardini on Gilmore Girls) will be guest starring on Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls)'s Parenthood. The show, which will air on Netflix, will reunite Lauren Graham, Alexis . Then in , she started dating her Mad Men co-star Vincent Kartheiser. . Vanessa Marano was already a huge fan of Gilmore Girls when she joined. 14 Scott Patterson and Lauren Graham didn't get along so well . little comfort in the words of the actress (Vanessa Marano) who played April.

Despite being so loved and being on-air for seven seasons a feat that not many shows can accomplishGilmore Girls only won one Emmy award … and it was for Outstanding Makeup in a Series!

Seriously, how lame is that? Lauren Graham at least deserved one Emmy for all that fast-paced dialogue! Perhaps her time will come inthanks to the revival, which may be considered for an award in the Limited Series category.

lauren graham and vanessa marano dating

On the bright side, Gilmore Girls now gets the critical recognition it deserves. In fact, she was in several failed sitcoms before landing the popular role of Lorelai on Gilmore Girls. These failed sitcoms include Townies, Lush Life and M.

Perhaps it was just fate, though. But, in real life, the actors are not as musically talented as they seem. Well, the members of Hep Alien did sing the songs with their own voices but two musicians played the songs off screen to provide the bulk of the sound. John actually wrote and directed several musicals and short films, some of which, Sean has appeared in!

And yes, basically Sean has odd jobs just like his character in the show. Lorelai had the best coats, seriously. She was also given Lorelai's three-monkey lamp because they thought she'd want it. However, the lamp is apparently collecting dust somewhere in her garage. A lot of people are not fans of April at all. Do you think this revival will give her a second chance or redeem her with them?

No, no they are not [laughs].

lauren graham and vanessa marano dating

I hope this is her second chance. It was a difficult place to be as a fan of the show because on the one hand, I loved my character and I loved that I got to play her on my favorite show, and then on the other hand, she contributed to the demise of my favorite on-screen couple.

Before the revival was announced, did you have an idea of where April ended up in your head? Last we saw April, she was off to NM with her mom. I assumed that she had gotten into college because she was such a brainiac. Right now, I think she had just graduated college and is looking into grad school.

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Good relationships all around. Then they broke up and that was so hard for me. I loved all the characters so much, but I think that anyone that watches Gilmore Girls, everyone just loves Lorelai. She really is…not exactly the creator, Amy, but there is a lot of Amy in her. Jess is my favorite boyfriend for her.

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  • Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix casts Luke's daughter Vanessa Marano, Emily Kuroda

They were so good together. She finally dated someone who was at her level, intelligence wise and she gave him a reason to get his act together and put his life on the right track. I think that they offered each other things that no other couple, for Rory, on the show, has really offered. Is there something about April that fans might not remember or even know; or maybe something you just found out?

Vanessa Marano Teases Details on April’s Storyline in Netflix’s ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

She was a weirdo — in the best way. I have a specific memory of that scene where Luke was trying to get to know April and him asking her if she wanted to color. So instead of coloring, she asked if she could refill the salt and pepper shakers.

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She truly is the daughter of a diner. What has been the most challenging thing so far? This is a funny thing actually.