Matt chandler and wife on dating

Matt Chandler: Compromising a Godly Spouse Just to Get Married Yields 'Heartbreak'

matt chandler and wife on dating

Matt Chandler has gained acclaim for his speaking, preaching, and writing. I am really glad to say the last years with my wife have been amazing. great wisdom in regard to what attraction is and how we should think about dating. The Mingling of Souls Study Guide by Matt Chandler Paperback $ Single, Dating, Engaged, Married: Navigating Life and Love in the Modern Age. Single. Matt Chandler is the lead pastor of The Village Church in North Texas. children and have had the blessing of being married for almost 20 years! book A Mingling of Souls, as it relates to love, marriage, sex, and dating.

You, as a woman, are never, ever going to meet a single guy who is your equal or greater at your spiritual walk.

matt chandler and wife on dating

Chandler is setting you up to fail before you even begin. Are you going to believe Chandler, who is a man and who has been married for years, or a woman such as me who is actually living this stuff out?

matt chandler and wife on dating

All Chandler can do is offer up a few Bible passages via his faulty, imperfect interpretation, when what I am telling you is based on real lived experience. If you rely on Chandler-like advice, you will find yourself single later in life, mark my words. Guys such as Chandler also continue to over-look the demographics issue: If you choose to date or marry a Non-Christian guy, you may or may not be hurt and disappointed in or by him, but the SAME is true of self-professing Christian men!

Matt & Lauren Chandler - Thriving Beyond Belief

Long comment left on my blog by Sarah at CallieAnna. She left her comment on August 25,but I did not log in to this blog until August 29th.

matt chandler and wife on dating

Sarah apparently did not bother to read my other blog posts, or even the one above because she did not address many of my counter-points or other topics. You cannot marry what does not exist. As you can see on my Link: Hmm, something to consider.

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Here, I am only addressing one or two of the remarks by her that I happened to see. What I have said repeatedly, with Link: Even Christian men, ones who work in churches, again, see the Link: My contention is that it is better for a single woman to marry a kind-hearted, compassionate, law-abiding Non-Christian man than for a single woman to marry a man who professes Christ but who is also into adultery, using prostitutes, is a wife abuser, etc.

Sarah also, quite ridiculously, told me I have turned marriage into an idol — which is quite incorrect.

matt chandler and wife on dating

Christian church not me! Many other books tell the individual to focus on a long list of desires in a spouse.

Mingling of Souls

Chandler reduces it to a few non-negotiables for the Christian relationship. In the sex chapter, Chandler provides an overview of what God intends for a couple when it comes to intimacy. Rather, the gospel informs the way we communicate and resolve conflict.

matt chandler and wife on dating

Chapter 7 Logs on the Fire is another favorite! In this chapter, Chandler shares a few principles to help you play good offense in your marriage so that you can move towards preventing crises and challenges down the road.

Matt Chandler Reveals 'Most Serious Problem' He Sees In Many Christian Marriages

The Mingling of Souls by Matt Chandler provides a great resource for individuals and couples all across the life span: The book is not a topical exposition of marriage topics i.

Chandler points to Jesus throughout the book and his counsel on marriage is biblically-based and Christ-centered from cover to cover. The book captured my attention and left me wanting to read it again.