Tia mowry and pooch hall dating

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tia mowry and pooch hall dating

CLUTCH MAGAZINE – Clutch your remote. The time clock has run out for Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall and they will not be returning for the next. The latest Tweets from Tia Mowry (@TiaMowry). Check out my cookbook WHOLE NEW YOU! And my NEW "You-Tube Channel", Tia Mowry's Quick Fix Link in. Pooch Hall from BET's The Game may have a new boo that's just as hot as his co -star Tia Mowry. Her name is Candace. Candace.

tia mowry and pooch hall dating

He is the husband of Kelly Pitts, although they divorced in season 3. Jason and Kelly have one child, Brittany Pitts. In season 2, realizing that his skills were visibly diminishing, Jason starts using steroids to boost his performance. The Sabers win the championship that year.

Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall Not Returning to "The Game"

But once Kelly finds out about his steroid use it puts a strain on their relationship, leading to their divorce in season 3. Jason had a girlfriend briefly in season 3 guest star Stacey Dash ; however, he is single at the beginning of season 4.

Jason is officially cut from the Sabers in season 4, and he becomes a correspondent on Benched, a sports news television series hosted by former NBA basketball player Chris Webber. In season 5, he is a correspondent on his own show, The Pitts Stop, and is in a romantic relationship with girlfriend-wife Chardonnay portrayed by Brandy Norwood.

In season 6, Jason makes an attempt at a comeback but suffered a concussionaffecting his playing ability among other things as well. He retires for good at the beginning of season 7. In season 7 Kelly returns and attends the wedding of Chardonnay and Jason at Chardonnay's request.

Jason does not marry Chardonnay, admitting he is still in love with Kelly. In season 8 Jason courts Kelly again despite her initial reluctance and is also named interim head coach of the Sabers.

He and Kelly remarry in season 9. Brandy as Chardonnay Pitts seasons 6—9; recurring season 5 — Chardonnay is the ex-wife of Jason Pitts. She and Jason met when goes to the where she bar tends. She refuses to serve Jason, who tells her boss and gets her fired. Feeling bad after he got her fired, Jason takes her on a date.

They wind up in Tijuana. Jason gets drunk and Chardonnay tricks him into marrying her to see if he really loves black women.

They return to San Diego and decide to get their marriage annulled. In the season 5 finale Chardonnay and Jason decided not to go through with the annulment and stay married. Though they have their ups and downs, everything seems fine between the 2 until Kelly shows up in season 7.

tia mowry and pooch hall dating

Kelly paid off Ty Savage Jason's former teammate so he wouldn't reveal Jason's steroid use. This upsets Chardonnay to the point she kicks Jason out of the house. She lets him back in and despite his reveal that he kissed Kelly after visiting her in a hotel, they still plan to get married.

But in the season 7 finale, Jason doesn't go through with the wedding, revealing he's still in love with Kelly.

Pooch Hall

Chardonnay slaps Jason and storms off, beside herself. At the beginning of season 8 she goes back to Fresnosaying to Tasha there was nothing left but bad memories in San Diego.

Lauren London as Keira Michelle Whitaker seasons 6—9 — a former child star who starred in a fictional 'Cosby'-esque sitcom called Stuck Together. She is struggling to make the transition from child star to adult.

Keira is one of the new characters that was introduced in season 6. Her character does not replace Melanie, but is a new character added into the script. Her love interest is "Bryce 'Blue' Westbrook". The two meet at a party where they hookup. After being shut down by Keira, Blue hooks up with Keira's friend, singer Ciaramaking Keira jealous.

Blue and Keira try to ignore and anger each other at first, then become cordial, then fall for each other. After Keira loses her virginity to Blue however, they break up due to Blue's insensitivity to it. They still had feelings for each other even while Keira briefly dated an actor named Luke, with whom she had a rather raunchy sex scene in her movie 'Baggers', that she didn't want Blue to see at the premiere. He saw it from the back.

Pooch Hall’s Girlfriend [PHOTOS] | Kiss-FM

They break up again. After more ups and downs in season 7, they elope in that season's finale after Blue proposes, skipping Jason and Chardonnay's wedding. In season 8, after being told by several people that she needs to dedicate herself to her craft, she kisses Malik at an audition after they had to be forced to by the acting coach; leading to deeper feelings between the two, who were just best friends before. Keira ends up with Malik, at the disapproval of Tasha.

She gets her breakout role. Jay Ellis as Bryce "Blueprint" Westbrook seasons 6—9 — San Diego Sabers wide receiver and the first overall draft pick from Stanford who is highly educated and often the smartest person in the room.

tia mowry and pooch hall dating

Even though he is bright and talented, he is still a young man who has a lot to learn about life, love and himself. Blue is one of the new characters that was introduced in season 6. His character replaces Derwin Davis as a main character.

Blue was traded from Baltimore to San Diego in exchange for Derwin. The two men confront each other at a post-draft party and brawl. That same night he pursues Keira for the first time. They start an on-again, off-again type of relationship throughout the series.

tia mowry and pooch hall dating

In season 7 Jason chastises Blue for not being focused due to his off the field distractions. Blue takes initiative and eventually becomes team captain in season 8. In season 9 he led a protest against Saber management that cost him a couple of games, though the Sabers would eventually win the championship in the series finale. Seasons8 Gregory Alan Williams as Dr.

tia mowry and pooch hall dating

James Barnett - Melanie's father. Season 1, 3 Drew Sidora as herself — singer; Derwin's brief love interest. Seasons, 9 Robin Givens as herself — actress; Malik's ex-wife. Seasons Mehcad Brooks as Jerome - Melanie's ex-boyfriend.

He is the father of Tasha's newborn baby. It is revealed his real name is Marion. Season 4 Jigga as Bibs - Malik's bodyguard. Derwin is a professional football player who cheated on his wife last season. The young couple's breakup on The CW's pro-football sitcom "The Game" is the best thing that could have happened to the series.

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A spinoff of its time-slot neighbor "Girlfriends," the sophomore comedy struggled to attract and retain viewers in its rookie year until the heartbreaking season finale — in which Derwin Pooch Hall cheated on Melanie Tia Mowry with singer Drew Sidora as herself — that had people talking about "The Game" until it returned with fresh episodes this fall.

The buzz has paid off. Great news for a program that in April had not yet been officially renewed for another go-round. The network did so, obviously, but not until upfronts a time when networks announce their fall lineups rolled around in mid-May.

Every taping is a party — comedian Gary "G-Thang" Johnson entertains the audience between shoots — and every player is a star, but there are no visible rifts, no divas demanding monologues and no time to waste.

Well, maybe a little time to waste. Brittany Daniel a "Sweet Valley High" twin and alumwho plays pro-football wife Kelly, is hanging around on the set despite the fact that she's not in any of the day's scenes. This chemistry is convincing fans and critics alike.

Entertainment Weekly earmarked "The Game" as a show to watch on Monday nights, but not without criticizing it for being more dramatic than funny these days with story lines that address steroid use and entering manhood.

Mara Brock Akil, who co-writes and executive produces "The Game," and does the same for "Girlfriends," says she happily accepts the dramedy label. To win the ratings game, this comedy is playing by its own rules.