Weir and mai davika dating quotes

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weir and mai davika dating quotes

Date of birth. Nuch tries to set up a dinner date for nok. Name mai davika horne. Ngao kammathep with weir sukollawat kanarot ch.7 Favorite quotes. Tagged. So don't make a fuss about that quote if you're a certain person's fan. Interview: December 5, Weir opens up to dating n'ek under the same management . Mai Davika Hornes doesn't know that her fanclub and Weir Sukollawat. Posts about Mai Davika written by ninjakkn. There is no reason to close myself say Weir and he is not talking with Bella as a girlfriend. He has.

So, I actually started watching this lakorn from the middle, and was trying to keep up with it as it was airing bad choice… too much excitement and cliffhangers. And then, I watched it from the beginning with subs.

He was taken care by his uncle, Pa. He excelled in school, with one thing on mind: Vichawayt passed away leaving his fortunes to his three children: Asit is married to Lita Yok Thanyanka Thanakitananon.

On the day she comes back, she is kidnapped by Sia, the loansharks. Nuch stumbles upon Krao and they escape together. When she goes home, she finds out that her family is almost bankrupt. Once back home, Krao sketches the girl who he has just met.

Krao is happy that his plans for revenge are finally beginning. Lita, a money hungry woman, locks Nuch up, not wanting her to steal her spotlight.

Nuch tries to escape by climbing out of a window, to which Krao catches her just in time. During the party, the loansharks come asking for trouble, and Krao, says he is willing to pay off the debts as he wants to go on with his plans for revenge. He contacts all in the field that Nuch is looking for a job in.

Nuch is rejected at all her interviews, but she stumbles upon his company, and has no choice but to become his personal secretary. Krao seduces Lita, and at the same time, tries to make Orn fall in love with him, to which he succeeds. Nuch has a friend Chaitong Mac Weeradon Wangcharoenpornwho has a crush on her, but she only sees him as a friend.

weir and mai davika dating quotes

Krao causes misunderstandings between Nuch and her siblings, causing her to put everything in the city behind and go into the countryside to take care of Pa. While everyone is trying to look for Nuch, Krao goes to visit his uncle and sees Nuch there, but keeps it a secret and orders Nuch around like a servant. One time, Lita argues with her ex-husband A Arucha Tosawat on the streets, and Asit tries to stop them, causing a car to hit into him.

Asit becomes disabled from the hip down and must use a wheelchair. Because of this, Lita looks down upon him. Krao sets a dinner date with Orn, but because the servants told him Nuch has gone missing after she drove off a truck, Krao goes to find her instead in the rain and forgets to tell Orn.

Weir and min dating

Orn ends up waiting for the entire night, to be comforted by Pharop at the end. Krao finds Nuch, but because she fainted in the rain, she becomes sick. Krao stays by her bedside and even hugs her for the entire night to give body heat to warm her.

Nuch complains she is bored from just sleeping, sitting, and eating, so Krao brings her to a waterfall and the hilltop, to which she is the first person to go with him. LIta continues to seduce Krao and even causes a misunderstanding between Nuch and Krao by locking Nuch and Chaitong in a poorly ventilated room.

weir and mai davika dating quotes

When Nuch finds out that her brother was injured from the car accident, she goes back to the city. But, when they get to the restaurant, Nok sees Krao forcefully kissing Nuch, making Nok break off the friendship. Nuch questions why Krao wants to cause so many misunderstandings between her and the people she cares about.

Krao forces Nuch to take wedding pictures with him. Nuch buys the most expensive ring in the store, but then shoves it back to Krao. Orn thinks the wedding dresses in the CD are for her and Lita thinks the rings are for her.

Just as he is about to rape her, Krao comes in just in time to save her. Krao thinks that through marriage, Nuch will fall in love with him.

weir and mai davika dating quotes

Krao tells Nuch she will be his mistress and not his wife. Nuch marries Krao thinking her sister-in-law Lita will go back to Asit. Nok comes to tell Nuch their friendship is over. Nuch locks Krao out of the master bedroom, but when she sees him shivering on the sofa, she brings him a blanket. Krao once again bullies Nuch when he finds his wife talking to Chaitong. Pa arrives just on time to stop the commotion.

weir and mai davika dating quotes

Krao promises he will not do things to hurt Nuch again and they hug for the first time. Krao knows he has fallen in love with Nuch, but he cannot put down his anger, and thus wants to continue to plot his revenge. Pharop tries to cheer up Orn. Krao persuades Lita to go back to Asit as part of his plan. Orn is finally willing to leave her room. Asit gets injured again. Lita tells her ex-husband to kidnap Nuch, while she can tell Asit to sign papers to transfer the company over to her.

Nuch promises Krao that if he cuts ties with Lita, she is willing to be his wife. Nuch sends videos to Lita faking her sweetness and love with Krao, angering Lita to come bother Krao. Nuch tells Krao since he interfered with Lita, their deal is over. Krao hires bodyguards to watch over Nuch so she would not be able to leave the house. Lita tries to seduce a drunk Krao, but Nok comes in time just to wake Krao up. Krao ties Nuch up in the master bedroom, prohibiting her from leaving the room.

While Asit is in the hospital due to Lita overdosing him with medicine, Lita kicks Orn out of the house. Chaitong tries to help Nuch escape, but Krao comes back to stop them, bringing the police to the house as well. Nuch begs Krao to not press charges on Chaitong. Pa tries to convince Krao to stop his revenge plans on the Vichiwayt family. Nuch, once again tries to escape by faking a stomachache, but Krao captures her again. Nuch injures her shoulder while cleaning. Pa tells Krao to stop his plans, as enough people have been injured, including Pa himself, who lost the ability to walk from a car accident trying to run over Mr.

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Lita, Nok, Asit, and Orn all arrive to the vineyard. Krao attempts to rape Orn, but is stopped by Asit and Nuch. Krao goes as far as cutting off all communication methods in the house. Lita, once again instructs her ex-husband to get rid of Nuch. He and his men arrive to the vineyard, and Nok senses something is wrong, but she does not tell anyone, until she realizes she still cares about Nuch.

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weir and mai davika dating quotes

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