Will and kate dating years

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will and kate dating years

The pair's friendship soon turned to romance, with William and Kate even sharing the same flat in the second year of university. Fast forward According to Biography, William and Kate met their freshman year of she turned him down because she was dating a senior at the time. 25 Things You Didn't Know About Kate Middleton and Prince William. Kate Middleton and Prince William have a lengthy relationship history that led to the royal wedding of the century back in April Kate and William dated privately while attending St. Andrews University in.

will and kate dating years

After their graduation ceremony the couple, joined by their families, attended a celebratory lunch together, and began looking forward to the rest of their lives — but nothing, from here on in, would be the same. Having been able to live in virtual seclusion during their time as students, they wouldn't be granted such luxury once out of the safety of Fife and into the big, wide world. The occasion was the first time that his girlfriend — who had recently begun a job as an accessories buyer for high street store Jigsaw — had been seen at a high-profile public event also attended by the Queen and other senior royals.

Suddenly, Kate was a target for the paparazzi, and the young couple were followed closely as they went about their day-to-day lives. By January, lawyers for the Princess-to-be announced they were considering legal action over the photographers tracking her every move, and in response Britain's newspapers banned the use of paparazzi pictures.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's love story in photos, starting with their university days

However, in March she lodged a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission over a paparazzi photograph published in the Daily Mirror, showing her on her way to work with a takeaway coffee.

The paper issued a public apology and the complaint was withdrawn. But the pressure the intrusion put on their union would eventually become too much for them to bear She continued to join her sister Pippa at their favourite London nightclubs, including Mahiki and Boujis, and put in a stunning appearance at a book launch party in the capital. Prince William, for his part, was remaining tight-lipped on the status of their relationship.

A day before the Wembley concert, held on what would have been his mother's 46th birthday, he was taken aback by a question about whether or not Kate would be attending. Everyone's going to be there on the night and it's going to be a very good night," he said — prompting his brother to joke: William was stationed outside London and they spent significant amounts of time apart over the next few months.

will and kate dating years

They were also still young, and both figuring out what they wanted from life, but Kate felt like she had less of a say in their relationship and their future. William had to fulfill his duties — that was his destiny — but where did that leave her? Or would all of it be moot? If they ended up getting married, she would be required to submerge herself fully in royal life, and this would take some time and preparation.

will and kate dating years

His quarters in his barracks were small, like those of the other men, fitted with just a single bed and not conducive to a couple staying for the weekend. So if they wanted to see each other, it would mean his making the effort to go to London or Berkshire. He started spending a lot of time with the rest of his barracks, going out drinking and dancing.

will and kate dating years

Then when he did make it back to London, on one occasion, he went out clubbing to Boujis with friends and flirted with another girl, which was in the papers the next day. Kate grew increasingly fed up, and felt his behaviour was disrespectful. They attended the Cheltenham Festival together, but whereas the previous year it seemed that Kate could do no wrong as she hung out in the royal box with Charles and Camilla, this year she and William looked unhappy and out of sorts.

Their matching decades-older tweed outfits were indicative of the rot that had set into their relationship. A few days later, William was back in his barracks and went out to nearby Elements nightclub in Bournemouth. The normally cautious prince was drunk and enjoying himself, surrounded by glamorous half-naked girls. In one picture he appeared to be holding the breast of Brazilian Ana Ferreira. Another clubber on the same night, Lisa Agar, said William was flirty — dancing and making suggestive comments.

The pictures and quotes were in the papers the next day, and Kate and William were both embarrassed. However, there was no disguising the fact that William was unsure of their future together. When Charles was in a relationship with Diana and it reached a crossroads, Prince Philip said to him that he needed to take action one way or another and Charles proposed. When William was faced with a similar dilemma he went the other way. The last time Kate and William went out together before they split was with their friends Hugh and Rose van Cutsem, whose wedding they had attended two years earlier.

After all while Kate was considered the prettiest girl living in St. Salvator's, Massy-Birch was thought to have the best bum in the whole of the student body.

Why William and Kate Broke Up in —and Why They Got Back Together

Photos Soon, however, their short-lived romance was in the rearview, with William reportedly reconnecting with former flame Arabella Musgrave during visits with dad Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla at Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, England. Then Kate strutted back into his consciousness. As she made her way down the runway in St. There was definitely chemistry between them and Kate had really made an impression on William. She didn't want to give off the wrong impression or make it too easy on Will.

We just saw more of each other, and you know hung out a bit more and did stuff. Andrews, but the rest of the world hadn't caught on, still attempting to pair off the world's most eligible prince with bold-faced names such as Britney Spears.

Photos Kate Middleton's Best Looks William did what he could, declaring during a 21st birthday interview inthat he was still single. In reality, however, his union with Kate was so serious that they had ditched their roommates in favor of their own love nest: In their private quarters, they were free to enjoy long strolls and wine-fueled picnics.

And with Queen Elizabeth II's bestowing her grandson access to Tam-na-Ghar, a cottage on the outskirts of her Scottish Balmoral estate, they were able to spend weekends hunting for pheasants and grouse and snuggling by the fire under the careful watch of his protection officers.

COM It seems they got so used to letting their guard down, that William didn't even think about it when he wrapped his arm around Kate while waiting for a ski lift during a trip to Klosters, Switzerland. But with that simple gesture, he unwittingly uncovered his romance. The photos were splashed on the pages of The Sun newspaper Apr. The question then became if he could keep her.

Just as the world came to terms with William's seemingly new, but really not-so-new, commoner girlfriend, the prince started feeling claustrophobic in the relationship, Nicholls said.

will and kate dating years

As he planned a boys-only Greek sailing outing that summer, Kate returned home.