X men chae yeon and kim jong kook dating

Chaeyeon says she'd like to get married to a Chinese man if the opportunity arises ~ Netizen Buzz

x men chae yeon and kim jong kook dating

pb-runningman) **Guest** * Kim Jong Kook's Brother: Kim Jong discussions in r/koreanvariety.. X. 49 · 20 comments. Thank you "I these last couple member's episodes are already among my favorite . The part where Ji Hyo was giving advice to So Young about Jong Kook. .. Alas poor Chaeyeon. Wednesday, March 11, chaeyeon comments [+58, -0] So she must be dating a Chinese man then . she used to be funny in x man days and was a big fan of kim joong kook.. cannot belive it was 8 years a go. Reply i always like her more for Kim Jong Kook than Yoo Eun Hye, i bet she's still in love with him. Any old-time K-pop fan will remember the famous Chaeyeon-Yoon Eun Hye-Kim Jong Kook love triangle on 'X-Man'. Chaeyeon was one of the guests for the 'X-Man' special on 'Running Man', and Yoo Jae Suk pointed out, "One thing we can't leave out with Chaeyeon is her romance with Kim.

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x men chae yeon and kim jong kook dating

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