Dating sites for music lovers

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dating sites for music lovers

There are so many sites all over the internet that allow you to meet other music enthusiasts and connect, follow, add as friends, but Music Lover Dating Service is . Techno Dating is an official dating site solely for techno music enthusiasts. I'm not joking. Your hearts will be racing at BPM when you see. is a new dating app based out of London that finds potential matches based on musical preferences.

Musician Friends Date - Free Dating site for Single Musicians

But what if you meet someone you really like who has a different taste in music from you, will this be a relationship deal breaker? Here are some reasons why it shouldn't. Music Date Night Ideas For The Budget Conscious Couple If you're in a relationship, then you know that spending time with your significant other keeps the romance alive and strengthens the connection between the two of you.

Whether you're into rock, classical, or country, the site delivers the perfect venue to connect with others who hold similar sonic passions.

dating sites for music lovers

Users can set up their profiles under specific music genres to find nearby singles who are into the same sounds. Nothing brings people together quite like music does. The reason behind this is because the arts, and more specifically, music, have the ability and power to stir the senses and trigger emotions that transcends the boundaries of hearts and minds. Music is simple harmony, a universal positive power that knows no limits.

dating sites for music lovers

I know you think you know what it takes to create a successful online dating profile. But if that was true, you would probably have better luck in the dating world.

dating sites for music lovers

Many women believe in order to "advertise" themselves appropriately, they need to appeal to men in 3 ways: When to Start Planning Ahead in a Relationship One of my favorite things to do is go out and listen to live music.

Every time I start dating someone who shares a similar taste in music I find myself asking: If we've only been dating a month or so how do I know when it's appropriate to take the risk and buy tickets for a show that's a few months down the road?

But perhaps the best part of the whole Soundcloud experience is the dialogue. Users can not only comment on tracks, but also pin their feedback to specific points in the song, making track responses effortless to follow. Grooveshark When explaining Grooveshark to someone unfamiliar to the site, I always describe it in the same way: The party-friendly capabilities of this site are a main draw since you can browse songs and add them to a queue without interrupting the song in play.

Why have a designated DJ when you can trade off picking songs? Another thing I love about this site and Soundcloud is that it is perfect for people who bounce around from work computer to smartphone to home computer. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can stream the songs you have saved from anywhere.

Shuffler If you're a fan of music blogs and discovering new artists by sifting through them, then Shuffler is a website you're going to want to check out.

dating sites for music lovers

On this site, "the web is your player" and "bloggers are your DJ's," allowing users to browse tunes featured on thousands of music blogs by clicking on their genre of choice. The blog-based form of internet radio hosts channels ranging from folk and indie rock to electronic and dubstep, taking you from blog to blog for each new track.

dating sites for music lovers

Bloggers looking to get their selections out in the open can also add their own blog to the collection, and readers looking for some new material for their RSS feeds can browse a collection spanning the entirety of the net.

Tastebuds Have you ever been on a second date with someone who told you on the first date that Creed was their favorite band? For anyone who ranks music taste as the most important deciding factor in a mate, Tastebuds provides a way to reveal a potential deal-breaker even before the first date.

There's a new dating app for music lovers

The concept is simple -- choose your favorite music and let the website pair you to those with similar tastes The site is also great if you're looking to talk music with those interested in similar styles. Stereomood There are a couple things I don't love about this website, primarily the unfortunate repeat of songs over multiple playlists, but the concept alone is worth mentioning.

Surf over to the homepage and you'll find a list of moods ranging from "let's party" and "gangsta" to "rainy day" and my personal favorite, "road trip. The site will generate a playlist centered around how you are feeling. Perfect for the lazy as well as the busy and a great way to expose your ears to some new artists.

9 Websites for Music Lovers

TheSixtyOne TheSixtyOne describes itself as a way for new artists to make music and for listeners to decide what's good. When you venture to the website, you are immediately greeted with a screen-sized photo of the artist or some form of artwork the artist has chosen, accompanied by a tune and sporadic pop-ups describing the musician or band.

If you don't like what you're listening to, click through to the next song, and like a slideshow, a new one will replace the last.

If you like what you're listening to, you can favorite, share, comment or even download the track to your personal iTunes library. You can also filter songs by top, popular and mood if you're looking for something a little less random.