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Singer/songwriter/actor James Maslow stars in the Nickelodeon hit television series Big Time Rush Is that about the Teen Choice Awards?. James Maslow dating history, , , list of James Maslow relationships. James Maslow has been in relationships with Halston Sage ( - ) and .. AND WE R MEANT TO B TOGETHER SO BACK OFF GIRLS HE IS TAKIN BY . Date: nick: selfprocen does james maslow have a girlfriend right now hi girls but i already have a god danm girlfriend. Leanne you're right 7 Questions With James Maslow Of Big Time Rush! | BOP and Tiger.

We just started rehearsals a few days ago, but the music, the band; everything behind us is going to be completely changed. Is this the last season of Big Time Rush? The band and I are happy to keep going if the network wants us to keep going.

Do You Know James Maslow?

If our fans want us to keep going, we will. We actually have about six or eight minutes of cartoon in that episode where we take a music video and really caricature ourselves.

I think at one time we threw around the idea of doing a BTR cartoon fulltime.

james maslow dating quiz for teens

We just make the best of every situation, and we have fun at the end of the day. Nick Cannon guest stars in that episode. He basically hosts the awards. She performed a little of her new single, and it was pretty much a storyline of her and me.

james maslow dating quiz for teens

That was a lot of fun. I also found her tattoos to be very interesting. Do you have tattoos, James? I have no tattoos. Have you and the guys become closer after spending so much time together over the last few years? The boys and I have always been incredibly close.

I mean, rehearsals would be a pain in the ass, I tell you that much. We all get it. That keeps us together, man. You were approached recently for a film project, correct? I know our fans will be sad in some ways, but they should also be excited for us because as individuals, we are all going to go off and do our own thing that can give them four times as much to watch in the fall. Are you looking for dramatic roles?

james maslow dating quiz for teens

I grew up acting. This is where I really strive to gain the most credibility in the world. Are you also writing songs for a solo project? I keep some of my favorites for myself, but otherwise, I write for other artists. Writing is always going to be a passion of mine. Instagram In one of his songs, the singer has been seen with Amber Davis.

James Maslow has been seen with the actress on several occasions. The singer seems really comfortable with the actress. So, it may seem that they have also been meeting off-set. However, the love relationship between them is yet to be found out.

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James with Amber Davis, Source: Unsuccessful in the previous Relationship InJames Maslow was in a romantic relationship with the actress, Halston for more than 2 years. They were very close to each other as they were connected on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

They used to post lots and lots of private pictures of them.

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Also, they were seen posting romantic status for each other every now and then. Twitter According to an interview with James Maslow, the couple first met each other at a party. According to what he said, Halston is such a nice lady as she understands him. They were in a relationship for more than 2 years but broke off without any reason disclosed.

They were in a romantic relationship in as quoted by a tabloid website. However, the couple separated in due to some unknown reasons. Clevver ] After a breakup with Halston Sage, he is known to be single.

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