Marlin serial number dating

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marlin serial number dating

This date code is different than the one already listed, as Marlin rimfire rifles ( other than the model 39 series) did not have a serial numbers until. Our database contains values of serial numbers through , which ended the year These dates should be considered approximate only. Enter the. Model Model Model Marlin Hand GunsMarlin Hand Guns. Year. Ser # range. Year. Date. Prefix. Date. # by barrel langth. # by barrel langth.

Warnings should be read and heeded carefully. Always follow the "Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety," listed in this manual. Failure to follow these rules, warnings, or other instructions in this manual, can result in personal injury or death. Safety is Critical to Performance. A superbly crafted firearm is only as good as the hands that hold it. You can never be too careful. Shooting accidents are often caused by careless oversights such as failing to control the direction of the muzzle, failing to fully engage the safety, leaving ammunition in the chamber or using improper loads.

These oversights can result in the destruction of life, limb or property. There's no calling back a bullet once it's been fired, so it's critical that you know the principles of safe firearm handling and storage before you ever take your new Marlin firearm out of the box.

The proper use and performance of your firearm depends on correct assembly and maintenance, so it's critical that you familiarize yourself with the information in this instruction book. Even if you're a veteran shooter with a collection of Marlin firearms, take the time to read this literature.

Not all firearms are the same. That means the first step in safe handling is to learn the features and requirements of your new Marlin. The Ten Commandments of Firearm Safety should be etched in your memory forever.

Or in your home. Please take the time to review and understand these rules. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. This is the most important firearm safety rule. A safe direction is one in which an accidental discharge will not cause injury to yourself or others.

Never allow your firearm to point at anything you don't intend to shoot.

Marlin 336SC Sporting Carbine 30-30 Winchester

Be especially careful when you're loading or unloading. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

marlin serial number dating

And make it a habit to know where the muzzle is pointed at all times, even when your firearm is un-loaded. No one will be injured by an accidental discharge if you keep your firearm pointed in a safe direction. It's as simple as that. Firearms should be unloaded when not actually in use. Never let a loaded firearm out of your sight or out of your hands. Unload it as soon as you're finished shooting - before you bring it into your car, camp or home.

Remember, unloading your firearm means unloading it completely, so there is no ammunition in the chamber or in the magazine. Before handling a firearm or passing it to someone else, visually check the chamber, receiver and magazine to be certain they do not contain ammunition. Always keep the firearm's action open when not in use.

Never assume a firearm is unloaded even if you were the last person to use it. Always check for yourself. If you're in a situation that could risk accidental discharge - such as crossing a fence, wading through a stream or climbing a tree - always unload your firearm.

Never pull or push a loaded firearm toward yourself or another person. Never carry a loaded firearm in a scabbard, detached holster or gun case. In addition, some firearms owners use external devices, such as cable locks and trigger blocks, for the same purpose. Even if you use such a device, you should still keep your firearm unloaded when stored or not in use.

And using internal or external devices cannot substitute, however, for securing your firearms and ammunition in a separate, locked location. Never store firearms loaded. Be sure to keep your firearms in a secure place where unauthorized persons cannot get their hands on them without your knowledge. Children are fascinated by firearms. It's a natural curiosity that can have tragic consequences when not properly supervised.

Store your firearms in a locked gun safe or some other location that physically bars a child from gaining access. Never leave an unsecured firearm or ammunition in a closet, dresser drawer or under the bed. Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure that children and others unfamiliar with firearms cannot get access to your firearm and ammunition. Don't rely on your firearm's safety. Your firearm has been carefully designed to maximize performance and safety.

However, because a firearm's safety is a mechanical device, it could fail. By mistake, you may think the safety is on when it really isn't. Or the safety may have been disengaged without your knowledge. Or you could think your firearm is unloaded when there's actually a cartridge or shell in it.

A mechanical safety is not a substitute for common sense. It's merely a supplement to your proper handling of a firearm. Keep your fingers away from the trigger when you're loading or unloading. And don't pull the trigger when the safety is engaged or positioned between safe and fire.

Before using your firearm, read this instruction book to understand the exact location and operation of your firearm's safety. Even when the safety is on, maintain control of your loaded firearm and control the direction of the muzzle.

In other words, don't rely on your safety to justify careless handling. If your firearm's internal mechanisms are broken or have been altered, your firearm may fire even when the safety is on.

Remember, you and your safe firearm handling practices are your firearm's best safety. Be sure of your target and what's beyond it. You can't stop a shot in mid-air, so never fire unless you know exactly where your shot is going and what it will strike. Never fire at a sound, a movement or a patch of color. A hunter in camouflage can easily be mistaken for a target by an impulsive shooter.

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Before you pull the trigger be absolutely sure of your target and what's behind it. Make sure the shot has a backstop such as a hillside or dense material like sand. Remember, bullets can travel great distances with tremendous velocity. Know how far your shot will go if you miss your target or the bullet ricochets. Using the wrong ammunition, mixing ammunition or using improperly reloaded ammunition can cause serious personal injury or death.

And it only takes one cartridge or shotshell of the incorrect caliber or gauge, or which has been improperly reloaded, to destroy your firearm.

It's your responsibility to make sure the ammunition you use exactly matches the caliber or gauge of your firearm. Refer to this instruction book to find out the specific requirements of your firearm. Always read and heed the instructions on ammunition boxes.

Marlin 336 Year of Manufacture Date Codes

Examine your shells or cartridges closely and use only the precise caliber or gauge for your specific firearm. For example, suppose you accidentally loaded a 20 ga.

Because the 20 ga. If you then loaded a standard 12 ga. Every Marlin cartridge and shell is head-stamped with its caliber or gauge for easy identification. Likewise, you'll find the caliber or gauge of your new Marlin firearm imprinted on the barrel. Reloading Requires Extra Diligence. Never use ammunition, which has been reloaded by someone else!

However, it requires a thorough knowledge of reloading procedures and a deep respect for the explosive potential of gunpowder. Handloaded or reloaded ammunition that deviates, either intentionally or accidentally, from load or component recommendations can be very dangerous.

Reloaders must observe all possible safety precautions and practices related to the proper handling of explosives. Whether you're a seasoned reloader or just starting out, you should study the subject, watch reloading demonstrations and talk to experienced reloaders. They'll tell you to follow certain guidelines. Don't mix or substitute powders or primers. Don't use unknown or substandard components. Use only suitable components that have been factory-tested by reputable ammunition, powder and bullet manufacturers.

Always be sure to use the manufacturer's recommended recipe when reloading.

marlin serial number dating

Dangerously high pressure and explosions can result from an overcharge of powder or other deviations from established reloading guidelines. The process of reloading exposes you to environmentally hazardous material. Lead, which is known to cause cancer and birth defects, is the most common substance in bullets and shot.

It is important to handle lead bullets and shot with extreme care. Work only in a well-ventilated area and always wash your hands after exposure and before eating. Never smoke while reloading. So after reloading be sure to clean up all materials from your work area.

Don't leave primer or powder spills anywhere on the floor or bench top. Plucked from obscurity by a talent many people wanting to. Marlin is a popular gun.

marlin serial number dating

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Marlin Year of Manufacture Date Codes - Home Defense Weapons

How old is marlin in. Traded for this Model35 caliber, mnfg date. Over the years I've got a few marlin lever rifles. The new Marlins or " Remlins" have an "MR" prefix before the serial number. I bought a new W at Walley World about a month ago.

marlin serial number dating

I also read how to date a Marlin by the serial number. Marlin did not manufacture rifles without serial numbers. With a Y prefix it indicates a manufacture date of BTW is it a.

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MARLIN Manufacturing DATE CODE

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I have a Marlin Mthe model made in the 60's, and was. If the first two digits of your Marlin serial number are 19 then it was. I also have a Marlin model in. All model 'sand all other models of centerfire lever action rifles.

marlin serial number dating