Samsung galaxy s3 mini review uk dating

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini UK price and release date revealed - CNET

samsung galaxy s3 mini review uk dating

Shares the name, but cut-down features not in keeping with Galaxy brand. Can the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini compete with our phone of year - the Galaxy S3? Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Ga 8GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Smartphone w/ 5MP Camera -. Amazon . Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: release date: Out now England and Wales company registration number Check Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (I) Specs And Reviews. Compare Samsung plz announce the launch date in India now!!! or this phone is not for India?.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Launched, 1GHz Dual-core, 1GB RAM, and Android Jelly Bean

The plastic feeling that we mentioned wouldn't appeal to all on the S3 feels right at home on the S3 Mini. It even comes in the same Pebble blue and Marble white variants that the Samsung Galaxy S3 launched with.

samsung galaxy s3 mini review uk dating

There's no doubting that the Galaxy S3 Mini looks superb, its size being the only initial indication that it wasn't intended to be a market-leading phone. In fact, we are left wondering where the compromises have been made. The two main areas are the processor and the screen, with the dual-core 1GHz chipset and a 4-inch WVGA resolution screen being a lot less spectacular than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

samsung galaxy s3 mini review uk dating

We can forgive minor details like this, but given the 1. As we mentioned, the Galaxy S3 Mini sits very well in the hand, its smaller size meaning that it is a lot more comfortable to hold than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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The phone's small size makes them all very easy to hit one handed. The capacitive soft keys are out in traditional Samsung style, the Back and Menu buttons sitting either side of an elongated Home button just under the screen.

Samsung has kept this layout since the original Galaxy S, and we are big fans, since it means that unlike the newer Nexus phones - the Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 4 - there is no searching for the on-screen keys. Elsewhere on the front of the Galaxy S3 Mini are the speaker and the front-facing VGA camera for Facebook profile pictures, as well as video chats through the likes of Skype.

The two main ports sit at opposite ends of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, with the micro USB sat at the bottom next to the microphoneand the 3.

Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini UK Sim Free Smartphone - Blue: Electronics

This again follows the standard Samsung layout shown on other Galaxy devices, and we've never had a problem with it. Samsung can claim an ultra lightweight body as the Galaxy S3 Mini clocks in at It matches the body of the iPhone 5 for size and the screen is now 4 inches as opposed to 4.

samsung galaxy s3 mini review uk dating

Features Everything's been downsized from the original Galaxy S3. A dual-core processor replaces the quad-core one, a five megapixel camera replaces the 8 megapixel one and internal storage is now just 8GB, though there's the MicroSD expansion option.

Familiar Samsung apps like S Voice are Memo are embedded within the Jelly Bean OS and there's a decent pair of headphones in the box, offering a good upgrade from the poor headphones that accompany many Android smartphones that aren't made by Sony It's x pixels which means a pixels per inch density compared the the wunder window display of the pixels per inch of the Galaxy S3.

samsung galaxy s3 mini review uk dating

Remember that an iPhone 4 now costs the same as a Galaxy 3 Mini and has pixels per inch. Overall, the screen looks sharp and is responsive but we know there's better for the money and, really, we miss the 4. Performance The Galaxy S3 Mini isn't slow and is able to handle multiple apps at speed with no slowdown. Yes, you'll notice the dual-core processor struggle with the latest games aimed at high-end smartphones but the presence of Jelly Bean out of the box and extra Samsung apps add value.