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Topografische online Wanderkarte der Alpen | Online Routenplanung

OpenMTBMap provides you with mountainbike maps for Europe - based on openstreetmap. OpenMTBMap bietet Mountainbike Karten fuer Europa basierend. 3D ski map Dolomiti Superski, Val di Fassa, Carezza, Alpe Lusia and San Pellegrino Click on the download icon to get the free 3D Alpen Online Viewer tool. Topografische Bergkarte/Wanderkarte für den gesamten Alpenraum. Online und für Smartphones.

You can participate and add missing to OSM. I update the maps weekly, so every week the maps become better and more complete! GoodDocumentation because everything you want and need to know for using the maps is found on Openmtbmap.

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Get Started and download the maps. Mac OSx Tutorial here.

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If you're mainly cycling on-road or use your race bicycle, then I offer the similar VeloMap. As it shows less detail, it is quicker to understand. Who can use the openmtbmap? The maps offered here are of course, currently primarily used by Garmin GPS users and mountain bikers in general, but you don't need to have a Garmin GPS to use them. Qlandkarte GT an opensource and freely available Map Viewer can display them in all their pride, and also if not owning a Garmin GPS or buying maps from Garmin you can install Garmin Mapsource to your computer and enjoy autorouting like you have not enjoyed before.

However there was not yet any structure to classify ways so I developed the mtb: But hardly anyone used them, so I started to create maps that showed the tags, and after a few month put up openmtbmap. Currently around unique visitors enjoy openmtbmap.

Openstreetmap gives us the ability to really create mtb focused maps — like no other map provider has ever done. Therefore I call on you — to get engaged and start participating like over For Windows the installer throws an error message anyhow.

It took me a lot of time to iron out bugs in the contourline data, convert it correctly to the needed input formats - fill voids and put it together. Please take note of it. Let's celebrate Dirk Becker's pano numbera dignified one for and a respectable peak. It's Haute Cime Dents du Midi. Dirk was and is the undisputed leader in number of summit panoramas here.

Top of Sesvenna Group with a dream vista, this is his Piz Sesvenna pano. Explore it, it's more than worth. Yuliya Vassilyeva carries us away into mountains we have never seen before on MP: Enjoy two insights into a deep gully sometimes regarded as the deepest gorge of the world. Sebastian Becher conqueres a new mountain region in the center of Europe for us: Jizera Mountains or in German Isergebirge.

A pano made with a smartphone in very good resolution and quality? Manfred is new here so let's welcome Manfred! Here is the very first pano of and with it Dirk Becker conquered a new region for us, Les Vosges at its most elevated point. He witnessed an incredible long distance view in a frozen landscape. With this summit Bruno Schlenker climbed all 48 er of Switzerland: Grand Combin de la Tsessette is the final one.

Dirk Becker climbed 5 of the er List. It is his personal altitude record. Enjoy the amazing panorama of Zumsteinspitze. Our er List is growing again. Bruno Schlenker summitted Grand Combin de Valsorey and now shares the stunning panorama. Arno Dietz shares the first entry from Ligurian Alps with us.

Have a look at the wonderful sunrise on top of Monte Moro. Stefano Caldera creates a new genre of panoramic imaging: Explore the first one, The Elves of Engadinhere. Our er List is growing. Grand Combin de Grafeneire is online. Bryce Canyon Sunrise Point. Dirk Becker was there and starts a wonderful series with this panorama. New photographer, completely new region and a remarkable first-time work: Welcome Manfred here on MP!

Vanil Noire is coming. Just two words to say: Sebastian Becher opens a new mountain group in Eastern Europe: We have a new female!

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She presents us a shot from a country not present on MP so far: Enjoy stunning Mount Bolektau. Thanks for this first class pano shot! Corno Nero Schwarzhorn is here. Thanks for this stunning vista! Here comes the most elevated panorama taken by fair means. Everest South Col ; an incredibly impressive place. Thanks to Tim Mosedale for all his effort to bring this one into our living rooms.

Do you want to virtually go on top of the highest mountain of Ireland? Thanks Martin Kraus you can do it right now. Martin Kraus conquered Ireland for us starting with a pano of the second-highest mountain there: Thanks Martin for sharing this must-see awesome landscape! Let's welcome Gerald Blondy on our platform presenting a new mountain region: Jesenik Mountains located in Czech Republic. Gerald is not an unknown person in the panorama scene, he is the founder and boss of Bushman Panoramic.

Hope you like elevated interieurs of mountain huts too. Here is the first: Thanks Tim Mosedale for shooting it. More to come from his Everest Expedition