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fairy tail 2014 27 online dating

Looking for information on the anime Fairy Tail () (Fairy Tail Series 2)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Synopsis, Background, Alternative Titles, Picture, Airing Dates, Producers, Relations, Rating, Duration, Source .. Mar 27, With Fairy Tail brought to a close, the artist is helping oversee a sequel to the magical Eden's Zero - A manga by Hiro Mashima launches June 27th in Shonen A second series ran from to , and a third series is planned for a Fall release. (Release Date: 6/27/18) curtains-and-drapes.info Fairy Tail release date confirmed with new teaser visual showing Natsu Dragneel: Will the anime . 27 December ; by Gary Collinson; Flickeringmyth.

Fairy Tail and the other wizards begin to argue over letting Yukino join their respective guilds, resulting in a massive brawl. They calm down when Arcadios announces the king's appearance, only to discover Natsu impersonating the king as a practical joke.

Fairy Tail

Later, Toma forgives Hisui for her role in the nearly causing Fiore's destruction after he punishes her to wear a pumpkin mask for one week. He also reveals that Cobra has turned himself in, and forewarns them about the dark guild Tartaros.

The two later receive a letter written by Ultear from an elderly woman that informs them about her sacrifice, unaware that the woman is Ultear, aged as a result of her magic. On his carriage ride back to Magnolia, Gray recognizes Ultear on the road and grieves for her, realizing that she is the one who saved his life.

Feeling at peace with herself, Ultear privately bids her loved ones farewell. As a gift, the city mayor unveils the guild's original guildhall, newly renovated. Afterwards, Natsu and his friends embark on a mission to save a village that has been flooded with mud by a "mole" a giant mudskipper. Learning from the villagers that the monster is looking for a mate, the wizards trick Lucy into capturing it, after which Virgo finds a female "mole" a giant crayfish for the male to mate with.

Later, Mavis finds Zeref at the forest near Magnolia, where he reveals that the conflict at the Grand Magic Games has inspired him to destroy mankind for their continuing conflicts; Mavis responds that Fairy Tail will destroy him instead. Rogue desperately searches for Frosch alongside Sting, Lector, and Yukino, asking several wizards for Frosch's whereabouts. The group eventually finds Frosch trying to return to the Saber Tooth guildhall alone, and decide to follow in secret, averting various hazards to Frosch along the way.

After spending the entire day searching, Frosch ends up at the Fairy Tail guildhall by mistake, to Rogue's dismay. In a flashback, Erza learns during the game that a bandit named Moulin Rouge has been posing as a member of Fairy Tail in order to commit crimes. Erza tracks down and subdues Moulin Rogue, who confesses that she is unable to find work to pay for medicine for her pet mouse, Sonny. Each spirit's request gradually exhausts Lucy until she passes out from summoning all of her Zodiac spirits in a row after performing a comedy routine for an angered Aquarius.

Natsu and Lucy embark on a job to investigate major changes in celestial bodies, but when they arrive at the supposed destination, they find that the job is a trap and are attacked by a giant sea slug. Lucy tries summoning her Zodiac spirits to fight, but they ignore her calls. Meanwhile, Yukino visits the Fairy Tail guildhall and reveals that she is unable to summon Libra and Pisces as well.

The twelve Zodiac spirits appear before Lucy with their appearances and personalities drastically altered, and their memories of Lucy erased. Leo voids his and the other spirits' contracts with their owners, saying that they desire "complete freedom". Researching a book brought by Yukino, Levy discovers that the spirits aim to perform a ritual called Liberam that will grant them complete freedom from their owners.

Lucy, Yukino, and Levy visit the Magic Library in search of a globe required for the ritual, but are attacked by the corrupted Virgo. Meanwhile, Natsu enters the celestial world, convinced that fighting the spirits will return them to normal. He is forced out of the celestial world in battle against Taurus and crash lands into the library, allowing Virgo to escape with the globe while the others are distracted. Afterward, Levy reveals that the spirits will die twelve days after completing Liberam.

They encounter Hisui and Arcadios, who reveal that the Zodiac spirits' change and weather phenomena are side effects of Eclipse's destruction. Feeling responsible for the situation, Hisui presents the wizards with a case containing magic keys that will allow them to forcibly close the spirits' gates.

However, the case is stolen by the Eclipse form of Pisces, who appear as a mother shark and son kappa. After the group fails to recover the keys, Arcadios reveals the stolen case to be a decoy, and that he possesses the real keys. Lucy tries to reason with her spirits, but they refuse to relent despite knowing that their lives will be forfeit by performing Liberam.

The rest of Fairy Tail arrives to fend off the spirits, who challenge the wizards to stop them. Armed with Hisui's gatekeys, the wizards each follow the spirits into a different pocket dimension, with Elfman battling and successfully sealing Taurus away.

Midway through their battle, the two girls take a break and eat ice cream together, befriending each other before Aquarius resumes the fight. During his battle with Leo in another dimension, Natsu's is swallowed by a sudden wave of magic and falls into Aquarius's dimension, where he fights Aquarius on the park's Ferris wheel. Their attacks destroy the ride and cause Aquarius to fall, but Wendy saves her and convinces her to return to the spirit world.

Celestial Deck" "Girudo Dekki vs. Meanwhile, Cana faces off against Scorpio in a card battle game that pits simulacra of Cana's guildmates against the other Eclipse spirits.

Cana struggles to grasp the rules of the game, but quickly discovers that both she and Scorpio make up the rules as they play and is able to outsmart Scorpio, eventually allowing her to play her strongest card, Gildarts.

Meanwhile, Cancer challenges Gray to a dance battle. When Gray admits he can't dance, Cancer gives him a pair of magic shoes and casts a spell on him that removes his inhibitions, turning Gray into a master dancer. This backfires when Gray infatuates Cancer with his dancing skills, allowing him to defeat the spirit while he is distracted.

After Natsu destroys a statue in the temple, a thirteenth gate appears in Astral Spiritus, which Hisui and Arcadios decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Juvia searches for Aries in an arid desert realm. Aries attacks Juvia after her water magic is weakened by the heat, leaving her defenseless. However, Juvia senses a water coolant in Aries's magic four-wheeler and soaks herself in it, regaining her strength and defeating Aries. Meanwhile, Sagittarius challenges Erza to three horseriding contests: During their final match—a horseback battle on a minefield—Erza defeats Sagittarius by riding on his back and forcing him onto a cluster of mines.

In Ophiuchus's dimension, Leo appears and reveals Ophiuchus's true form as a colossal serpent, and prepares to hold the Liberam ritual again. Natsu battles Leo to interrupt him while Wendy, Happy, and Carla try in vain to retrieve the ritual globe. Leo weakens Natsu by absorbing his flames to strengthen his own dark magic, but Natsu eventually reverses the situation by consuming Leo's flames and using them against the spirit, defeating him.

After Natsu returns Leo to the spirit world, the wizards discover Ophiuchus reciting a ritual chant in his place. Meanwhile, Natsu falls ill as a result of harboring Leo's dark magic. He notices a weak spot on Ophiuchus's body and attacks it, causing the Eclipse spirits' realms to merge while Lucy and Yukino are battling Virgo and Libra, respectively.

He holds the realm in place using the dark magic, allowing Lucy and Yukino to seal the two remaining Eclipse spirits away. However, Ophiuchus reveals this to be a part of her plan to sacrifice the Eclipse spirits to the Celestial Spirit King as part of a new ritual, Liberam Verus.

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The wizards inside Astral Spiritus begin demolishing everything around them while Natsu battles Ophiuchus and the others attack the globe outside. Ophiuchus plays her flute to turn Natsu's own attacks against him, but he overcomes her control and moves in to destroy her flute. Meanwhile, Hisui combines her powers with Lucy and Yukino to cast her ultimate celestial spell, Gottfried, in the hopes of destroying the globe.

Horologium appears and provides the wizards celestial clothing, allowing them to enter the celestial spirit world and confront the king, who appears as a giant, amorphous monster called the Celestial Spirit Beast.

The beast uses its powers to transform the wizards into constellations, leaving only Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, and Gajeel standing. Natsu senses that the Eclipse spirits are still alive inside the beast and enters its mouth with Happy to save them while the rest of his friends continue to fight the beast outside. Natsu eventually finds the Celestial Spirit King's original form chained by the Eclipse spirits to a sphere of energy.

By eating part of the sphere, Natsu is able to destroy it and free the spirit king. He returns to find their friends and the spirit world returned to normal, as well as the Zodiac spirits, who have lost their memories of their Eclipse selves.

The wizards return to the human world while the Zodiac spirits renew their contracts with Lucy and Yukino. Natsu loses to Asuka in a sharpshooting contest and is forced to fulfill her wishes for the day.

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Asuka takes Natsu, Lucy, and Happy to perform several odd jobs around town for her to afford a treasured snow globe lacrima that her parents were once forced to pawn off to pay for her medicine. Shortly after they buy the lacrima, it is stolen by a gang of sky pirates, but Natsu helps Asuka shoot them down by spitting fireballs along with her cork gun, revealing he had lost their contest on purpose.

They return to the guildhall where Asuka gives her parents the lacrima after eating a cake that Erza, Wendy, Carla, and Lily have spent the day making for her. After taking several suggestions from her guildmates, she settles on knitting him a scarf.

However, Gray rejects the gift and asks to be left alone. Lyon approaches Juvia and explains that Gray is mourning the anniversary of his teacher Ur's death.

Feeling guilty for intruding on a such somber occasion for Gray, Juvia is comforted by Erza, who tells her that every day has a different meaning for everyone.

fairy tail 2014 27 online dating

Meanwhile, it begins to snow and Gray is reminded of Ur giving him a scarf, prompting him to recover Juvia's scarf. The next day, Juvia exchanges apologies with Gray and gives him a dakimakura of herself as a th-day anniversary gift.

They take refuge from a blizzard within a cave of living ice that closes behind them, trapping them inside. They quickly become lost for days in the labyrinthine cave with little food and sleep. They eventually find the magic ice at the cave's exit and retrieve a sample, only to be attacked by a giant octopus monster that they are too fatigued to fight.

Lucy recalls that the ice has restorative properties and feeds it to Natsu, giving him the strength to defeat the monster. However, they collapse in exhaustion upon realizing that without the ice, they now have to start the mission over again. Macao and Wakaba eavesdrop on the lesson so they can regain their youth and win over their estranged wives, but they strain their magic power after multiple failed attempts and transform into monsters that proceed to attack Magnolia.

Meanwhile, Erza buys a superhero costume at a boutique and begins performing heroic deeds around town as "Fairy Woman". Upset that her heroics amount to little more than menial tasks, Erza encounters and defeats the rampaging Macao and Wakaba, returning them to normal. Afterward, she discovers that her face has inexplicably turned realistic while wearing her costume. Meanwhile, the Magic Council initiates a member exchange program between the guilds that participated in the Grand Magic Games; Natsu volunteers as one of the exchange members, interested in asking about Kemo-Kemo's origins across Fiore.

As he and his friends visit the other guilds and cause problems for their respective members, they notice Kemo-Kemo growing larger and more powerful. When Fairy Tail visits Saber Tooth, the Council cancels the exchange program and requests the two guilds to investigate a mysterious island that has risen from the sea. The serpent traps Natsu, Lucy, Happy, and Kemo-Kemo in the ruins on the island, while everyone else succumbs to a mysterious virus. Lucy deciphers the glyphs in the ruins and discovers Kemo-Kemo to be a guardian deity that protects those on the island from the virus.

Kemo-Kemo grows into a giant and defeats the serpent alongside Natsu, curing everyone in the process. However, Kemo-Kemo merges with the island as it sinks into the ocean, leaving a seed behind that Natsu plants in front of his house in memory of Kemo-Kemo. The city mayor holds Laxus responsible for the phenomenon due to fighting a street gang prior to the Grand Magic Games. As i mentioned before Fairy tail mainly drew me in because of its consistent animation however that is not the case any more.

FT tries to experiment with a new animation style that resembles the manga but in colour it doesn't look quite as good. The biggest letdown in terms of animation is, unlike the first series, inconsistency. BG are well drawn but during battles many characters look nothing more than doodles naruto anyone?

fairy tail 2014 27 online dating

Another problem is the extremely bland colour template, for some reason the colours are towards the dark side and this does not fit the previous series' cheery looking vibrant colours. This is hands down the best aspect of the anime. All of the OPs and EDs are very well done and continue the legacy of the original's brilliant soundtracks. Some tracks that have stuck with me are 'Masayume Chasing', 'Believe in myself' and 'Ashita wa Orase' all of which are eargasmic.

The osts on the other hand are overused but still are acceptable. Due to the inconsistent and slow nature of the story the characters don't really have a chance to shine like they did in the original.

Many interesting character's like laxus, erza, gajeel, jellal etc are thrown into the background and only appear rarely. Their development has remained stagnant over the course of these episodes.

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Many important moments from the manga that are important in fleshing out the characters were animated without any of the emotional drama and this means that character emotions look forced and overdramatic. Natsu is much the same and Lucy is still quite useless as a MC. Zeref is sorely missed and only appears in about 4 episodes despite the fact that he is the main antagonist. The rest of the antagonists are not nearly as interesting and their motivations are petty to say the least.