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Several of the main boulevards have been equipped with interchangesoverpasses and underpasses, allowing for sections of controlled-access highways, but considering that even the city's beltway does not entirely circle the city, the roads are generally limited-access.

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Intense webs of electrical and telephone lines above the streets are a common sight in the capital, and in virtually all Honduran cities, since implementation of underground utility lines has only been adopted in recent years. Central Bank of Honduras. View of the eastern part of the city.

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Around the city[ edit ] Looking west towards Juan A. Colonias represent relatively recent 20th-century middle class residential suburbssome known as residenciales for their upper income development, and these are continuously spreading while the barrios are old inner-city neighborhoods.


While the city administration divides the capital into barrios and colonias, the fact that there are hundreds of them makes it difficult to define the city's different regions, especially for those not familiar with the Central District.

To have a better understanding of the city's regions, the metro area of the Central District can essentially be divided, first, into two sections: These two entities remain separated by the Choluteca River basin that runs between them. Map showing Tegucigapa's contemporary Center, formed by over 40 neighborhoods The Tegucigalpa side of the District can be divided into five sections: For years, this area remained neglected and run down, but in recent times attempts have been made to revive the zone and bring back its colonial heritage.

Several government offices, including the National Congress and City Hall as well as museums, parks, a cathedral and churches are located here. Other upscale neighborhoods are Lomas del Guijarro, Loma Linda and Lomas del Mayab which house most of the apartment complexes in the city.

Boulevard Suyapa and Boulevard Juan Pablo II are located south of the aforementioned boulevards, and they also form a busy commercial and financial district stretching through several neighborhoods such as Colonia Los Profesionales where the Presidential House is located; Colonia Florencia Norte where Multiplaza Mall is located; Colonia Miramontes, among others—housing several financial institutions, government offices, hotels, etc. Beyond these neighborhoods sits the United Nations National Park on El Picacho Hill, one of the most popular destinations in the capital among its residents and visitors.

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