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Muchos Chilenos concientes y con ideas liberales huyeron de la dictadura nefasta de pinochet vinieron. Usted es un pobre diablo estupidizado lo que dice la TV y comiendo pan y circo y no me molestare en responder y leer su respuesta de usted sale pura basura.

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Yo respeto a los latinos como chilenos argentinos, cubanos y demas e incluso respeto a los estadounidenses. Hay gringos buena onda con los mexicanos otra cosa que tenga un gobierno nefasto pero la gente es otra cosa. America deberia ser una sola nacion pero por tales circunstancias no se puede. Saludos a todos los latinoamericanos y los del foro maestros.

Dilbert Simplemente chile es una pais comun y corriente como los demas paises latinoamericanos chile es igual de corrupto, con pobres, con desigualdad social, represion, con gente ignorante. Es una facia los gobiernos latinoamericanos. Considero que Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela son los que estan mas o menos estables entre comillas. Cronos Vaya vaya jorge bajas de creo que no te agradan los mexicanos.

Ni me molestare en leer tus estupideces, simplemente estas ardido que Mexico este encima de Chile. No continuare opinando del asunto. Al igual que en Sudamerica en el futuro existiran solo dos paises Chile y Brasil. Chao Water perdon cuates. Abran bien los ojos y lean el ultimo informe de naciones unidas sobre el desarrollo humano. Carlos Alguien ya tomo mi nombre jajaja. Es cierto mexico tiene mas riqueza, por la entrada de petroleo, divisas extranjeras, comercio informal, hay mas empresas.

Lo unico que urge en Mexico es frenar la corrupcion y crear las misma opurtunidades de empleo e impulsar y crear tecnologia de punta. Chile tiene diferente desarrollo tienen menos habitantes, y diferente sistema de gobierno. Chile tuvo que entrar al tlc junto con mexico para no quedarse atras ojo las dos naciones la regaron, quien es el ganon los United States and Canada. Lo ideal un tratado es Chile y Mexico.

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Hafiz, although he has immense name-brand value, tends not to be read much by modern Westerners. We hear of him as the "great Persian genius" but few of us actively go and look for his work in translation and, to make matters worse, there hasn't really been a very successful English translation of Hafiz since Gertrude Bell's in the 19th century, which probably strikes modern readers as overly formal and poetick with its "thou" and "knoweth" etc.

Then there is the fact that, in America today, "the East" is still seen, at least somewhat and in certain circles, as the land of great seers and men of spiritual bounty. Unsurprisingly, none other than Dan Ladinsky himself fell prey to the mystique of The East as a follower of Meher Baba.

Does anyone seriously think that Meher Baba, had he been born in New York instead of India, wouldn't just be one of those lunatics on the metro? This mysticization of The East and Islam is often especially encouraged in liberal circles as an antidote to the outright demonization engaged in by the political right. In fact, that's probably why Coleman Barks' versions of Rumi were so successful.

However, Hafiz was not a mystical sage, but a frickin' human being. True, he was and is a spiritual poet whose faith often transcended the narrow boundaries imposed by religious authorities. However, he was also a carnal lover, a drinker of very real and very non-spiritual wine and a man deeply attached to his hometown.

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Either Ladinsky really is that much of an idiot which wouldn't surprise me, actually or he is simply capitalizing on the name "Hafiz" by appending it to his own work as a way to sell books. Indeed, I see no reason to think that this is not the case. In fact, his utter silence when critics mistook his work for his translations, his unwillingness to divulge the true nature of the texts contained in this volume, and his insistence online and elsewhere that the book's sales somehow justify his swindle -all suggest that he knows what he's doing, and it ain't pretty.

The favorable reviews are nothing more than the products of ignorance compounded by the usual circle-jerk of modern American literary criticism and the fact that most critics who could have seen through this book simply didn't review it, which is typical in an age when nobody wants to give a bad review to something that calls itself literature.

But, as the Yiddish saying goes, a halbe eymes iz a gantse ligen "a half truth is a whole lie. Almost all of the reviews came from people whose claim to fame and now shame ties into spirituality or philosophy.

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Lets take a look at some of the typical critical commentary that the book has received: First off, Brian Bruyawho is currently an associate professor at Eastern Michigan University and is known mainly for his work on East Asia, though my guess is that he only had an M.

Hafiz, a secret Sufi, came to prominence in his day as a writer of love poems. That love transformed into an all-consuming passion for union with the divine. Never forced or awkward, Ladinsky's Hafiz whispers in your ear and pounds in your chest, naming God in a hundred metaphors. I once asked a bird, "How is it that you fly in this gravity Of darkness?

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Ladinsky's language is plain, fresh, playful--dancing with an expert cadence that invites and surprises. If it is true, as Hafiz says, that a poet is someone who can pour light into a cup, reading Ladinsky's Hafiz is like gulping down the sun.

Bruya manages to not only tell a pack of absurdities that reveal his lack of taste, but make outright errors of fact that anyone who'd so much as read the Wikipedia article on Hafiz could tell you. Hafiz was not a "secret sufi" and, his poems don't give us any evidence one way or another. Since most of them were probably recited in public in his day, we can be certain that Hafiz wasn't telling any secrets in those.

Other than the poems, all we know about Hafiz comes from legends of much later provenance even the most cursory survey of the critical literature could tell you that. As we have already discussed, poems with apparent mystical content are not necessarily mystical poems, and Hafiz in particular loved to play with the multiple resonances of the poetic vocabulary. Hafiz gives us no indication that his poetry, to the extent that it was religious, is evidence for an "All-consuming passion for union with the divine.

Such a poem, for example, is the one that begins with the following lines: For it would let me rise and give up the soul, I am a holy bird and from the cage of the world I will arise. However, we've already established that it is foolish to assume that Hafiz is the speaker of the poems, and that this is not some poetic avatar.

Moreover, even if we were to assume that this poem and others like it are autobiographical, Bruya's statement still falls flat on its face since modern scholarship has almost no access to the relative chronology of the poems. We don't know which ones were written early in life and which ones were written later. All we have is certain clues from certain of the poems due to references made to events and places during the poet's lifetime.

We cannot say how "that love transformed" into anything, because his poems don't offer much of a timeline by which to gauge what is transforming, where, when, and into what. So much for Bruya's historical claims.

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A bird lifted on the wings of love?